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  1. 1- a redstart, a common redstart, I think 2- white wagtail 3- ruddy turnstone 4- male european blackbird I hope you enjoyed your visit to Lisbon, it’s such a beautiful place!
  2. Thanks ... again. Yes, I think the first one is a Anna's and the second a Costa's. Third, I'm not sure. As for the fourth one, you're probably right. Because of the rufous sides, I thought it could have been a broad tailed (they are a few reported in the area that late) but the color is not extensive enough.
  3. Thanks. Hopefully, others can help with the others.
  4. Hi all, Happy New Year. I was last week in Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson, and saw a few hummingbirds. I'm afraid I'm not good at identifying them, so I'm hoping to have comments or confirmations. Thanks Picture #1 - What: Possibly Anna's - Where: Granada Park, Phoenix, AZ (https://ebird.org/hotspot/L815678) - When: Dec. 23 Picture #2 - What: I think this is a Costa's because of the white / light grey underparts - Where: McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Phoenix, AZ (https://ebird.org/hotspot/L388509) - When: Dec. 24 Picture #3 - What: male Costa's ? - Where: Sabino Canyon, Tucson, AZ (https://ebird.org/hotspot/L129072) - When: Dec. 26 Picture #4 - What: Possibly Anna's, but the rufous flanks have me thinking ... - Where: Sabino Dam (same as previous, a bit more upstream) - When: Dec. 26
  5. Hi All, What: I'm not quite sure if these swans are Tundra or Trumpeter swans. Tundra have been reported on ebird on this lake (https://ebird.org/checklist/S61865647) and I think I can see a light colored spot at the base of the bill on some pictures. But I'm not sure so I'd like opinions. Sorry, bad pictures. Where: Bamber Lake, NJ (https://ebird.org/hotspots?hs=L4145068&yr=all&m=) When: Today, Dec 3 Thanks !
  6. What: I think these are Swainson's Thrushes, 2 different birds (pictures 1 & 2 are one bird, picture 3 another one). Please confirm. Where: Dry Tortugas NP, inside Fort Jefferson When: September 19 Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm still processing the about 1K photos I took during my recent trip to the Keys and I need confirmation on a few birds. What: I think this is a female Summer Tanager, yellowish overall, light colored bill. But eBird reports only 2 Summer Tanagers on the Dry Tortugas on September in the past 10 years, so I'd like to make sure. Where: Dry Tortugas NP, inside Fort Jefferson When: September 19 Thanks!
  8. Ok, thanks for the effort Yes, great trip! Even got to see (and get pictures of) one of my "Nemesis" birds, the Reddish Egret !
  9. Hi, Nice! Thanks, I'll wait to see is anyone else have a different opinion.
  10. Thanks, that's what I thought, but Common terns are not supposed to be very "common" in the Dry Tortugas (at this time of the year?). So, just checking.
  11. Hi, Maybe with the links instead of the embedded pictures? http://www.pascald.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/201909-SouthFlorida-5R5A2066.jpg http://www.pascald.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/201909-SouthFlorida-5R5A2075.jpg I realize I don't know how to insert links to pictures that will not embed the picture into the post ...
  12. What: on a day trip to the Dry Tortugas NP, I saw a lot of interesting birds (frigatebirds !) including 2 tern species: Sandwitch and Royal. This bird here is neither, I think it's a Common. Where: Dry Tortugas NP, Bush Key When: Sept 19
  13. What: I'm pretty sure that this is a White-eyed Vireo but, because it (obviously πŸ˜‚) doesn't have white eyes and the yellow on the face is not as extensive as on pictures I have seen, I'd like confirmation. I'm assuming it is an immature bird ? Where: The Everglades NP, at the Mahogany Hammock Trail, low in the trees near the boardwalk. When: Sept 17
  14. Hi, I was last week in Florida, got a lot of interesting birds, but I can't decide what this hawk is. What: I only saw this bird for a little while. It was mobbed by blue jays and, after the first 3 pictures, when I tried to get in a better position to get other pictures, it flew away. I couldn't even see it flying, so I really have no idea. A "simple" red-tailed, or something more interesting? Where: Spanish River Park, Boca Raton, FL When: Sept 16 - mid-day
  15. Thank you all for your help with these sparrows. I've just done that. The pictures on eBird of the Henslow's at Negri-Nepote show a bird with dark markings on the head, in particular eye-stripe and malar, which none of my birds have. I think I'm going with what The Bird Nuts and birdbrain22 are suggesting: Birds 1 and 2 (plus the last one I have added later) are adult Grasshopper sparrows and 3 and 5 are young Grasshopper sparrows, which explains why the bill look very large (?)
  16. Hi, Henslow's would be very rare on the east coast, even though Negri Nepote (the Preserve where I took the pictures) is one of the few places where eBirds reports them regularly. Here are 3 additional pictures, taken the same day, at the same place. The first one is the same bird as Bird 3 The other 2 are of the same bird, different from the one above
  17. Ok, it makes more sense like that. Grasshopper sparrow becomes a one year old photo-lifer! Also means I have yet to see a female Bobolink πŸ˜ƒ Thanks
  18. Hi, What: Sparrows ... or Bobolinks. I know, not the same, but I thought the first 2 were female Bobolinks, because I saw them in the same preserves as males Bobolinks (which are, of course, easy to identify). I'm having second thoughts, and wondering if they are Grasshopper sparrows instead. So ... 1- Is this a Grasshopper sparrow? 2- Again, Grasshopper sparrow or Bobolink 3- I have no idea, but that bill is huge! 4- I think this is a Song sparrow, but it has very faint markings on the chest. 5- I don't know. Where: 1 & 2 - Cider Mill Grassland Preserve, NJ. 3, 4 & 5 - Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Preserve, NJ Central New Jersey, open meadows with tall grass and hedges When: all in summer (late June to early August), 2018 and 2019. Thanks Bird 1 Bird 2 Bird 3 Bird 4 Bird 5
  19. Hi All, Could you please confirm this is a Cooper's Hawk? Thanks What: I'm assuming this is a young Cooper's and not a Sharp Shinned. Long tail, short wings, heavy streaking, large head (?) ... Where: Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Preserve, NJ - Open meadows When: August 5
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