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  1. Field sparrow. Pink bill, gray face with rusty cap and eyeline/cheek.
  2. Female Blue Grosbeak, with this huge bill. The color on this picture seems about right.
  3. Undertail coverts are too red and contrasting with the tail feathers to only be a shadow. At least, that's my opinion 😏
  4. Yes, I wasn't sure about the actual eye color (hence "This could be..."). The picture is underexposed and makes it difficult to clearly determine eye color.
  5. This could even be a Boat-Tailed, due to dark eye and very long tail. Depends on where in Nthn NJ this is.
  6. I agree. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Turkey_Vulture/species-compare/70706101 Ospreys have dark wing tips, not white.
  7. Yes, I agree. It even has the black line above the eye breeding males show. I don't think Black-tailed are seen in Colorado.
  8. Yes, young little blue, with bicolored bill and yellow/green legs. Note: you won't get little egrets in Florida, maybe you meant snowy?
  9. First one looks like a Brewer's sparrow. Grayish, with thin white eye-ring and a long tail. I'm not good with Hummingbirds, sorry 🤔
  10. Ok, I like purple too. I'll post a picture when I see a Purple flycatcher.😁
  11. Ok, next time, let me know which color you want to see, and I'll push a few sliders in Lightroom 😁
  12. As I said above, the drab appearance has also to do with the poor quality of these pictures. Processed differently, the 3rd picture looks like this: And a few minutes before this picture, I took another one (different bird, I think): Thanks for your comment!
  13. The drab look has a lot to do, I think, with the poor picture and that I had to push the exposure in processing it. Thanks for your help.
  14. Thanks. Ash-throated has never been reported in Belize on eBird, so I doubt this is this bird. I can keep it as Myiarchus sp., no problem. Out of curiosity, why are you excluding Dusky-capped?
  15. Hi all, Due to the cold weather outside, I'm revisiting old pictures of past birding trips to find birds I have ignored. Here are 3 pictures of a Myiarchus flycatcher, I took in West Belize (near Mountain Pine Ridge), on December 29, 2015. These are the only 3 pictures I have of this bird. According to my 'Birds of Belize' book, I have 4 options: Dusky-capped (the most common), Great-crested, Yucatan (both less common) and Brown-crested (definitively the least common). I can't decide which is it. Any help will be welcomed. Thanks
  16. I'm not an expert, but prominent white eyering plus small white spots over a dark back, that's a Solitary sandpiper.
  17. The tail of the 1st bird looks more like a Red-tailed to me, with fine and low contrast barring. Of course I could be wrong. I agree with the other 2.
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