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  1. Yesterday, May 24, 2022, afternoon close to Lake Whitney in central Texas my wife and I saw a bright green bird in our front yard. It was pecking around in the St. Augustine grass and the bright green of the head and wings was almost a perfect match to the St. Augustine grass. The back behind the head was slightly lighter in color but still a bright green. The breast was a bright reddish orange. The breast was not as red as a Robin's breast but a little more toward orange but just as bright. The overall size was slightly smaller than a sparrow and the bird was shaped like a bunting but I am unable to find any picture that comes anywhere near the coloring and shape of the bird we saw. If I had known it would be this hard to identify i could have taken a picture but it matched the color of the St. Augustine so closely I do not believe it would have been easily visible in a picture anyway. Hoping someone will be able to help identify the bird we saw. Gene
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