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  1. I was going through my photos from 2020 and have a couple I would like identified if possible. The first image I have no clue. The second I was told could be a juvenile rufous-sided towhee that did not molt properly.
  2. Thanks again! Here is one last photo I need to identify...
  3. Thank you all for the feedback, I thought the one bird was a Wilson's warbler. Is it possible to confirm the identities of these other "yellow" birds. I think the first three images would then be Wilson's but what is the fourth?
  4. Hello, I've had a trail cam set up by my garden waterfall for several years now and found the number of birds to be attracted by it staggering (an enjoyable). Most I've been able to identify but in the past week I've had several new species arrive and am looking to identify them. Is this a female of juvenile western tanager? No clue on this one Swainson's or Hermit thrush? Black-headed grosbeak (pretty sure on this one) Wilson's Warbler - juvenile or female?
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