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  1. That's Helpful. Those black and white wing bars especially made me wonder about what I was seeing... thanks, Kathy
  2. LG is close to Santa Cruz, a beach town, and Palo Alto, Stanford's home, and San Francisco is 40 miles North of LG. Thanks. Kathy
  3. I thought I was seeing a warbler (not a kingbird) without a tail in this image when I got home and looked at the photo I took. I'm a new birder. I'm wrong. Frankly, that happens a lot as I learn and I appreciate the community here guiding me to learn. Thanks for all your thoughts. Kathy
  4. Thanks! To me, this looked like a warbler without a full tail. I thought an accident had happened to part of the tail. I'm new to birding and clearly, I was mistaken.
  5. Today, I spotted an American Kestral on a tree that complemented the yellow color of his eyes . Thanks for guiding me to recognize this one!
  6. The original photos at the top of this post are mine. I don't know if the instructional photos belong to Liam but they sure are amazingly beautiful.
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