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  1. Yup and it was my fault. It's back online now!
  2. Trying this out. All guesses that partially match will show up as yellow tiles now. Partial matches were already shown on the guess list, this will just make it easier to tell.
  3. Haha I was referring to the 'birdie #15 ??????' text part
  4. ? oh I can relate. Actually, you can just click 'Guess' without selecting anything and it will skip to the next picture. If that isn't working let me know. Maybe I can make it clearer on there that that's allowed.
  5. Like for the share-able text that you copy? I was considering that actually! I'll see about adding that in.
  6. Impressed with all the one-try guesses today! Making it look easy (or is it?)
  7. I believe I've only seen it once myself ?
  8. That's totally fine. I'll clarify that on the website as well.
  9. Thanks! Mostly just looking for high-resolution pictures, open to any North American species. The more variety the better, and the more fine detail available in the feathers, etc., the more interesting the crops can be.
  10. i made this! thanks for posting and playing. I'll be keeping a lookout for photo submissions on the website (for future days' games) and any feedback anyone has ?
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