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  1. Complete typo on my part, species name is fixed now 😓
  2. Sorry about that guys. Thankfully someone called this to my attention: note to self: don't select photo at 1am again and take the author's word for what the species is 😁 pushing out the corrected name, this should not affect anyone's stats but if there are any issues lmk
  3. Great question, it is completely random, but now that you mention it that would've been cooler if it had some significance. Maybe I'll start mapping them to the score and you guys will have to figure it out 🙂 Makes sense, I will definitely keep this in mind while making these. That's a neat idea. Maybe won't do exactly that, but it could be fun to throw in some real 'wild cards' on the weekends only, and start off the week a bit easier. Thanks for the suggestion!!
  4. Hi! I'm glad you all like the historic games feature, I spent the better part of the weekend on it. I also just added 'ranking badges' to the scorecard as a little gimmick, you'll probably notice it tomorrow. I haven't checked this thread in a looooong time, but if you guys have any suggestions for new features or improvements do let me know. Noted. Definitely have room for improvement, this is likely a result of me trying to mix it up. I initially tried to make the game 'harder' when I realized how many people were absolutely acing these, and my goal was to make it just hard enough that the average score is somewhere in the 3-5 range, but it turns out that's difficult. People tend to either nail it immediately or just barely / not at all! I also try to rarely repeat the same species which I'm sure leads to some really obscure birds and polarizing score distributions, which may or may not be a good idea. Next step: create an AI to make the perfect crops 😈 Also, to the handful of people who have sent photo submissions, thank you so much, you guys are killing it and I am using them whenever I can!
  5. Yup and it was my fault. It's back online now!
  6. Trying this out. All guesses that partially match will show up as yellow tiles now. Partial matches were already shown on the guess list, this will just make it easier to tell.
  7. Haha I was referring to the 'birdie #15 ??????' text part
  8. ? oh I can relate. Actually, you can just click 'Guess' without selecting anything and it will skip to the next picture. If that isn't working let me know. Maybe I can make it clearer on there that that's allowed.
  9. Like for the share-able text that you copy? I was considering that actually! I'll see about adding that in.
  10. Impressed with all the one-try guesses today! Making it look easy (or is it?)
  11. I believe I've only seen it once myself ?
  12. That's totally fine. I'll clarify that on the website as well.
  13. Thanks! Mostly just looking for high-resolution pictures, open to any North American species. The more variety the better, and the more fine detail available in the feathers, etc., the more interesting the crops can be.
  14. i made this! thanks for posting and playing. I'll be keeping a lookout for photo submissions on the website (for future days' games) and any feedback anyone has ?
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