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  1. Great thanks! The lighting really threw me off, the 3rd picture is the same bird, so Amazon Kingfisher does make sense. I still have photos to go through, I will see if there is a Green Kingfisher in other pics.
  2. I'm waiting on the exact location on map then I will add them to ebird. I know rough location.
  3. Connor, you see my other post? I don't know if the 1st two images are a different bird? Looks smaller, maybe that is the Green? My camera had issues with the Colours, but they do look a little smaller.... But maybe the same Bird.
  4. Thanks Connor. Looks like the Green also has 2 Stripes, but it varies in Photos. My guess was the Amazon. That is great thanks!
  5. More photos from my trip to Peru. Great Kiskadee, Black Tailed Tityra (might be rare to see, the Natives said they hadn't seen one before), Scarlet Crowned Barbet, Yellow Headed Blackbirds, Barred Antshrike, Black Capped Donacobius
  6. Anyone know difference between the Green and Amazon Kingfishers? They are very similar!! Taken again from Canoe in Peru.
  7. 3 pictures I took on my Amazon trip of the White Eared Jacamar. I actually just bought a new camera and lens, maybe best purchase ever made, can't believe how they came out..and if you knew just how hard it was to take these pictures.
  8. More pictures from my Trip to the Amazon Peru. (Mama Vieja) Black Collared Hawk 3 different pictures of 3 different birds.
  9. I think this is a Green Kingfisher. It might be an Amazon Kingfisher?, but my guide and research point to a Green? My camera went crazy, I think once I locked on, the incredible colour of the bird messed up my camera. What with the sun too. The 3rd picture is actually the same bird taken about 20 seconds before, but from a different angle, it's crazy and annoying the colours messed up, even though I like the photos.
  10. Gotta admit, I'm so proud of these photos. From a Canoe and pretty much day 1 of a new camera and lens. What a fantastic bird, incredible to see it and get such a sharp photo. We thought this was the American Pygmy Kingfisher, but pretty sure it is the Green and Rufous Kingfisher, female. I think Pygmy has white underbelly.. Size, I don't know! I was under so much pressure and lying on my back in the canoe!
  11. I have lots of great Bird pictures I took on my trip to Peru in the Amazon. These are the Birds I have identified. Have a great app which identifies the birds from the pictures, plus what I was told by the guide. I will be posting more, probably in the other section as not 100% sure on the others. Great Black Hawk, Great Black Hawk Juvenile, Slate Colored Hawk, Red Throated Caracara, Great Kiskadee, White Eared Jacamar, Collared Trogon
  12. Ok yes, I got that wrong too! I don't normally see them so much in the sky, or maybe I do, and never really noticed. A friend said there is a Raven in her Neighbourhood close by. So they are around.
  13. Thanks all!! I did a quick comparison of Raven and Crane wingspans and it fits exactly too size wise. I joined this website to ask the question, glad I found it.
  14. Oh no picture.. Just checkout the Finches native to Wales. Green Finches, Gold Finches,all common. If weather was really cold, normally with snow.. then the less common Birds visit, i.e Bullfinches. But as Connor said, Chaffinch is a good bet.
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