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  1. TL;DR details: (Looking to identify) Large bird, ~8 foot wing span Black with white RINGS or CIRCLES on the underwing, mid-wing not tip Possibly not normally spotted in North America? Located in eastern oregon flying above a remote unpopulated river --- The day was July 4th; my partner and I had ended up deeply remote in eastern oregon, on a river called the White River. We were at the bottom of the canyon, when up above us we saw the most awe-inspiring bird: It was perhaps the largest bird I've ever seen (And I've spent plenty of time around golden and bald eagles) what looked to be about an 8 foot wing span. Immediately, I believed it to be a condor. It was almost completely black underneath, with fairly thin wings, and this one notable feature: There were big, perfectly round, spots of white on the wings that looked like eyes. My partner and I disagree on whether these spots were RINGS of white (with black in the center) or large CIRCLE of white. Importantly, this marking was not on the tip of the wing but rather in the middle, around the joint of the wing. When I looked up California Condor, I found nothing with these spots. At the time, I felt I recognized this bird from folk lore, and understood why it would have become legend. I I now understand birds have been moving from all across the world to places they have not previously been spotted. I believe this bird is not a normal North American bird. Does anyone know what bird this might be? Thank you in advance!
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