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  1. Another tidbit--they love Catalpa tree worms and I have a rare Catalpa tree on the property, I park under it. Apparently they can strip a Catalpa tree of their worms in just a few days. Catalpas are very messy trees! Perhaps that's why it was visiting.
  2. Thanks Peromyscus--I also just discovered they are on the endangered species list. :( I just don't understand why it was impossible to ID him from the databases.
  3. Well I'll be--that's the bird. This bird did not even show up in OH birds when I searched and I've never heard one around here either. All of their "sounds" would be quite memorable. Spending hours on my outdoor patio--not even once have I heard such calls! Poor thing--his family is going to miss him. In the 15 years I've lived here I've never had a door crash death likely due to the angle. I hate that this happens at all :(. Thanks so much for the help!! I did try to search and got so frustrated as absolutely nothing resembling him was on the list!
  4. Hi, I found this poor thing a short time after it hit the big glass door to my apartment building. I've not seen one of these before and using the "bird search" has left me high and dry. I took two photos prior to consigning the body to the forest. The container lid it is laying on is 16 inches long, the tail alone is 9 inches long. The two toned beak is puzzling. I do not know what it sounds like, or if it is a perching type, and I don't recall ever seeing this type of bird anywhere, upon first glance I thought it could be a type of mocking bird due to the tail length. Using the search functions has left me flummoxed. I'd like to know what the little guy is. Inserting image from URL didn't work--here's the photos. He is passed away but there's no blood/guts. Just in case anyone is sensitive. https://imgur.com/a/hEpx5xj https://imgur.com/a/hEpx5xj
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