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  1. I have a bug that most people like! Praying mantis - hopefully eating bugs in my flower pot!
  2. I thought this was a yellowlegs when I saw it and now that I'm looking at the bird I don't think so. Maybe a spotted sandpiper but the eye ring looks too big. Solitary? Thanks is advance!
  3. Head east on the trail and you'll get there!
  4. Black-chinned hummingbird
  5. Yup! I noticed that this morning!!! I was wondering if all hummers did that and I just didn't notice it!! Thanks again!
  6. I'll see if I can get a better picture. It seems to come in the morning so I'll be stalking the feeder!! My thought was a BC but since it would be a lifer I would like to be sure. Thanks for the info!!
  7. This was taken thru the window with a cell phone. Is it just an female Anna's? Thanks in advance!
  8. Good luck at the shows - keeping my fingers crossed!!
  9. A couple of eastern kingbirds. Maybe a parent and a juvi?
  10. This was seen in Eastern WA today. It looks a little peachy in color so is it a Say's phoebe?
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