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  1. I don't have a list for the yard! But since I moved to eastern WA I've added a say's Phoebe, rough-legged hawk and a Wilson's snipe. I gotta say we listened to that darn snipe everyday and well into the night last summer - If that winnowing is a mating call that is the loneliest snipe on the planet!
  2. I'll be watching for babies soon - this nest is pretty easy to see from the road
  3. The state parks, National Parks, county parks and NWR are all closed. All the fishing has closed. Washington is kind of scary right now.
  4. Where are you located? Maybe someone here can help you find one.
  5. I'd love to go down to Texas and see the whooping cranes.
  6. People have come from the east coast to see this little guy. Someone from CA spent 3 days watching it. I guess people are doing a "Big Year"?
  7. I GOT ONE!! Code 4 Siberian Accentor in Washington State
  8. I had a say's phoebe land on my heron yard decoration
  9. That's too bad. We have a cat 4 (I think) bird a few hours away. A Siberian accentor visiting and we may chase it tomorrow.
  10. It's a daily occurrence here. The "eagle tree" is across the creek from this one. We had 125 eagles in about 20 minutes of counting. There's a also a golden hanging around!
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