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  1. Yup!! part of a pair we've been watching this week.
  2. Night Heron. This was my best find this year so I'm cheating just a little!
  3. It was to dark to take a good picture. But we found a new neighbor last night. I relocated it in a tree today and it has a really good hiding place.
  4. It was repeated every 15 or 20 seconds or so. Now I'll have to sneak over a fence and take a look in the pump house! Thanks
  5. This sound was coming from a pump house right at sunset. It was darker than the video makes it seem. Is this a barn owl?
  6. I don't think there was a real determination on what it was. I asked a FB raptor group also and that was split!
  7. This was tossed around about a year ago as a redtail variaition (or not).
  8. Cape Dissappointment Light House
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