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  1. I thought about a harrier but it wasn't flying like a harrier. They usually fly low and this was circling high over some fir trees - over and over. A RSHA would be very rare here in central Washington. We only have a few near the Oregon boarder on the west side of the state. How about a Swainson? We have a pretty healthy population here? I'm going back in the morning to see if it's still around.
  2. This was taken in Central WA today and it's the only shot I got before the bird disappeared behind a grove of trees. There was a gos reported at this location but I'm always a little skeptical when I see a report without pictures. Sorry it's such a bad pic but is there any suggestion of a goshawk?
  3. I'm scared to death to go out on a pelagic trip! Whenever we went to Westport I would think - Maybe this time - NO. I just can't do it
  4. I was told that bands on the left leg means the bird is a female and the right leg it's a male. It this true? It may have been a joke - the male is always right!
  5. Don't make me drive north of Seattle to take a picture of the common crane!! I'm getting jealous!!
  6. Just a little quail but I love seeing these guys running around
  7. I hadn't considered that, but it looks like you're right! Thank you
  8. I took this terrible picture today in eastern WA. It was in the middle of a large sagebrush open area. It had a very loud song and it was advertising it on top of this boulder. I thought it may have been a meadowlark but after I looked at the picture I pretty much ruled that out. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  9. Mom and dad will still take care of it. Barred owl babies can climb trees! Baby barred owl climbing a tree - YouTube
  10. What! You can't tell! I let that out on purpose just to see if anyone would guess! It's the back of the head of a female great gray owl!! She's sitting in a nest box!
  11. I drove 6 hours and hiked 6 miles for (not) this shot!
  12. This is the best of the day and a lifer for me! Red crossbills
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