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  1. My guess is an ash throated flycatcher se we'll see how far off I am!
  2. I'm kinda new to eastern Washington birding so some of my ID's are a little sketchy! This one has me questioning myself (again). Not much for wing bars and eye rings....
  3. So we were at a WA State Wildlife preserve today. This area is on the east side of the state and is very dry but is kind of in the foot hills of the Cascades . I saw this thing in the tree and originally thought is was some kind of critter (racoon or something like that), but after getting home I realized that this is something an animal made. Maybe it's a nest? Since I'm not asking for a bird ID I thought I would post the picture here - this is about basketball size. Squirrel or chipmunk maybe - oriole or bushtit maybe (I've never seen a bushtit in that area - what do you think? https://wdfw.wa.gov/places-to-go/wildlife-areas/oak-creek-wildlife-area-unit
  4. I found this flycatcher in central WA today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed - which flycatcher? My guess is a pewee Thanks in advance!
  5. I've mostly got settled after moving - I got this eastern kingbird on a quick trip to town. Retirement has it's advantages but I haven't had time to find them yet!
  6. This was taken in central Washington. The local group have suggested both and I just wanted to be sure. Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks you! There was a rumored broadwing hawk in the area so I thought I would ask.
  8. My guess is Swainson's Hawk but I'll throw out broadwing hawk just as a guess and I'll keep my fingers crossed (they're migrating this time of year). Thanks in advance
  9. I know Swainson or redtail? I know Swainson's are in the area now and sorry for the bad photo. Thanks in advance
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