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  1. I got a half of a magpie! The top and bottom!
  2. I saw this guy in eastern WA today. It was pretty small with very little markings. The tips of it's tail feathers look red but otherwise is it just a dark redtail or rufus redtail? Sorry about the white blotches - it was snowing!
  3. This is a color picture!
  4. I know the 3 eagles on the ground are bald eagles - is eagle standing on the carcass also a bald eagle or golden? We have both in the area and I just wanted to be sure. Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!
  5. Congrats that's quite an accomplishment. I have a friend that had Bouvier years ago. I always felt that I was being watched by him but never threatened!
  6. The Seattle grey clouds just don't make for very good backgrounds.
  7. We have both in eastern WA. But this is a juvi and I always question these. Thanks is advance.
  8. I've been staking out this barn with a pair of great horns nesting in it for a week or so. Unfortunately the lighting is really bad when the sun is out. I've tried so many different places to get out of the glair from behind the car to holding up a blanket! So I found out who owns the barn and they are 100 miles away from here so I couldn't just ask them for permission to go near their barn. Then my husband noticed that there weren't any "no trespassing" signs around. So I ran up to the gate and went around to snap this quick picture and ran back to the car. No harm no foul I think. I know this isn't exactly within the birding codes but not exactly against them either. I'm sure others have tried various things to get just the right photo. I hope to get them both at some point.
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