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  1. I feel for everyone in Texas that is going through this. I've been without power for a week after a storm and it's not fun. At least we had a wood burning stove to heat water and canned stuff for dinner. I wish I could loan you our generator. Just remember that at some point you'll look back and laugh at all this.
  2. I called this a sharpie! Please tell me I'm right!!! Thanks in advance
  3. I'm a great horn owl too - and I don't care what you say!
  4. Wilson's snipe - it shows it's flexible bill
  5. My birding group is managed fairly well. We have over 12,000 members and there are rarely any arguments or snippy remarks, which is the good . Sometimes when you innocently correct a person it's taken wrong and off it goes. I for one have rather thick skin to that kind of thing. I find it's easier to scroll on than to comment. You don't lose anything by joining. Set your privacy setting high and you will almost be invisible to others.
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