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  1. I'm not 100% sure what this guy is. My first thought was a female western tanager but it looks a little light for that. Maybe a crossbill? Taken in the eastern foothills of WA. so dry and lots of pine trees. As always thanks in advance for your help!
  2. We don't get them around Seattle. After a visit to Salt Lake City
  3. Last night aurora in WA I sure there are much better pics out there, but we just don't see them very often here.
  4. This is a pretty bad picture for 'BEST OF THE DAY" but goldens are pretty hard to come by in WA.
  5. They wiped out a family of burrowing owls not far from here.
  6. I gotta say harriers are not my favorite raptor. This was a realllly foggy day so the background is pretty blank.
  7. We were watching eagles fishing along the Yakima River this afternoon when some other motion caught my eye. These 5 river otters were having a great time playing in the snow and ice along the river. They were much better at fishing than the two guys down the river from them. What a treat to watch!
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