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  1. They wiped out a family of burrowing owls not far from here.
  2. I gotta say harriers are not my favorite raptor. This was a realllly foggy day so the background is pretty blank.
  3. We were watching eagles fishing along the Yakima River this afternoon when some other motion caught my eye. These 5 river otters were having a great time playing in the snow and ice along the river. They were much better at fishing than the two guys down the river from them. What a treat to watch!
  4. I figure this is was red-tail but is it a Harlan's or a rufous or is it a dark rough legged? I don't have any pictures of it's underside just this one as it sits on the post. Taken in Central WA this past weekend. Thanks in advance.
  5. Rough legged hawk - my favorite winter hawk
  6. I'm starting cross country skiing! I've never tried it before but it sounds like good aerobic exercise to me.
  7. I love the "go ahead and make my day" look that great horns give you!
  8. This was taken today in Central WA. I thought it was a rough legged when I first saw it. The dark bib reminded me of a rough legged and when I saw the streaking I questioned what it was. Thanks in advance.
  9. Eastern WA - about 100 miles from Seattle
  10. I know that this is a red-tail hawk. But is it a Harlan's or a dark morph and does it have a few leucistic feathers? Thanks in advance!!
  11. I'm lucky that I can see great horns almost every day! Here are some others:
  12. I got the most! I hope I'm still alive - I was worried after seeing this group.
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