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  1. Not exactly a rare bird in WA but it's considered uncommon - lark sparrow
  2. I wish Merlin bird recordings were accurate. I'd be reporting a hooded oriole and a northern mockingbird today!!
  3. This bird was calling along the Columbia River in Eastern WA. Our best guess is a spotted towhee. But it's just off enough to question the call. I also guessed a rock wren. We've gone down the list of all the birds that have been spotted in the area and nothing really matches this call. I thought it was my husband's phone! Merlin can't ID this either. To be specific the location is called Sand Hollow Rec Area. Let me know your best guess - and I always appreciate the help. Sorry for the background noise - there is busy truck traffic next to the park.
  4. This is a test! How many pelicans are in the picture? If you click on the pic it will take you to my Flickr page.
  5. I haven't seen it (yet) but there is a blue rock thrush in Oregon. Anyone going to try to find it?
  6. I doubt I could find one within 2 thousand miles from here! But I will enjoy your pictures!!
  7. I don't see these little guys very often. Cassin's finch
  8. Sharpie enjoying a starling (at least I think it's a starling). I was looking for a black backed woodpecker when I saw this hawk. I hope it's not eating the woodpecker!
  9. I got lucky today! Male left and female right.
  10. In the spring they sit on my house at night and talk back and forth. I always warn the neighborhood. One way or another GHO will feed their babies.
  11. I guess there's a reason that they say don't go past a roadblock!
  12. There are a lot of places that red shouldered hawks are not rare. But, in central Washington state, middle of winter they are almost unheard of!
  13. That took less time than I thought! thanks again for your help.
  14. I'm in central WA state and there has been repeated sightings of a red shouldered hawk here by an experienced birder. I haven't seen it yet but I'm going out today. What would I look for when comparing it to the very common red-tail hawk? It could be some distance away so I would be looking thru binoculars. We have LOTS of large hay fields so that is what I'll be scanning across. I have no doubts about the bird is out there. So would I look for dark belly band. no belly band, light head or dark head etc. Thanks in advance.
  15. It's been kinda cold and snowy in Central WA. I think that's what brought this golden eagle out of the canyon. Watching it with a half dozen bald eagles there is a difference in personalities between the two. A bald eagle will ignore people most of the time but this golden didn't want any part of having its picture taken.
  16. I've been gone a while, hopefully I'm back! So what are you having for lunch!? Northern pygmy owl
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