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  1. We don't see a lot of these so I just wanted to confirm a prairie falcon. Thanks in advance
  2. What do you mean - look out. I don't see anything
  3. Did we have a black and white thread before the crash? Let's try it! From Burns, Oregon
  4. I believe the female is in the lead - it just seems a bit bigger. I just missed them passing a duck to each other but I turned to look back a couple of seconds to late.
  5. Mt. Baker - the afternoon before a big storm hit.
  6. I only planned to take a picture of one woodpecker! Looks like another snuck in the back door!
  7. I think this is a sharpie but you can correct me if I'm wrong. Either way - someone put a bad on it
  8. Can I add another pair of kestrels. Male left female right
  9. This is the local celebrity! This has been hanging out here all fall. He's been finding different things to eat so we hope he's okay
  10. Are you in western Washington and are you familiar with the Skagit Valley?
  11. Vermillion flycatcher - way out of it's usual territory
  12. Merry Christmas - I have a new grandson so this is an epically wonderful holiday for my family!!
  13. Lot of swans in the Pacific NW this time of year
  14. That's terrific news Sam! Wishing you a very merry Christmas and many more to come!
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