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  1. Male yellow warbler. Not the best pic but I love finding them!
  2. One of the prettiest birds in the NW - lazuli bunting
  3. Crop dusting in the Palouse of WA state
  4. I'm not very good with finches! Is this a purple or Cassin's finch? Thanks in advance
  5. I'm not sure - one of my FB gardening friends had it in her yard and wasn't sure what it was. I believe she lives in Indiana
  6. Calling all snake people! What kind is this
  7. This was in eastern WA about 150 miles or so east. But, I did report it on eBird.
  8. I've never seen a black-crowned night-heron in WA before. Canada and Oregon yes - but this is a first!
  9. There's no social distancing in the pelican world
  10. Seen in eastern WA yesterday. Thanks in advance
  11. I'm just terrible when it comes to flycatchers! So excuse me! Is this a western wood pewee or an olive sided flycatcher? Thank you
  12. This day and age - if that's the worse thing that happens this week - then I'm doing okay!!
  13. I was driving along and looking out the window when I saw this beautiful great egret sitting on top of a tree preening it's feathers. So I quickly turned around and then turned around again so the bird was on my side of the car. I stuck the camera out the window just as it had it's beautiful feathers spread out! Snap, snap, snap - this was going to be a beautify shot. 30 miles down the road I went to look at the picture and what did I find? "there is no card in the slot". ANYWAY - that would have been my best shot of the day!
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