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  1. 11 hours ago, stitch58 said:

    Saw this today but the other thing I saw I didn't want to post a picture of. About 30 yards away at the base of another tree there was a dead cat that had been partially eaten. Pretty sure the owl was responsible. Another reason to keep your pet cat inside 😮.


    In the spring they sit on my house at night and talk back and forth.  I always warn the neighborhood.  One way or another GHO will feed their babies.  

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  2. 26 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    Phinizy Swamp Nature Park, Augusta GA.  24 Jan 24.

    I came around a curve in the path this morning and saw these two roadblocks roughly 75 yards away.  I said two words; the first one was "Oh,"  They're on a berm between to multi-acre marshy ponds.  For size comparison, the berm is about 10 feet wide.

    Of course, I'd already been out for four hours and 3.5 miles or so, and was on my way to the car.  Backtracking cost me 30 minutes and most of a mile, and I didn't even get any new species.



    I guess there's a reason that they say don't go past a roadblock!

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  3. I'm in central WA state and there has been repeated sightings of a red shouldered hawk here by an experienced birder.  I haven't seen it yet but I'm going out today.  What would I look for when comparing it to the very common red-tail hawk?  It could be some distance away so I would be looking thru binoculars.  We have LOTS of large hay fields so that is what I'll be scanning across.  I have no doubts about the bird is out there.  So would I look for dark belly band. no belly band, light head or dark head etc.  Thanks in advance.

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  4. It's been kinda cold and snowy in Central WA.  I think that's what brought this golden eagle out of the canyon.  Watching it with a half dozen bald eagles there is a difference in personalities between the two.    A bald eagle will ignore people most of the time but this golden didn't want any part of having its picture taken.  

    Jan Golden


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  5. I was going to do the "best photo of the day" but considering it hard to tell what it is!  This yellow breasted chat was pretty far out and was hard to find thru the view finder.  So here's my yellow breasted chat (trust me).  I got rattled by a rattlesnake (also that I didn't see) so I took a pic and ran!  

    Yellow breasted chat


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