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  1. That's way to cute? Malheur? I was thinking of a trip down in the next few weeks.
  2. Here's the story - kind of interesting.. https://www.creepyghoststories.com/list/heceta-head-lighthouse-haunted
  3. That's such a beautiful area! That lighthouse is supposed to be haunted!
  4. I do a lot of hiking and I don't usually have a camera that I can take bird pictures with - so plan "B". I love to see various critters I pretty sure most of us do! I think this marmot was smiling for me!
  5. Mt Rainier is a special place for most of us Washington locals. Hikes around the mountain can be a challenge but the views are spectacular.
  6. This is our beautiful Olympic National Park the local weather and fires have given them a different look
  7. On these hot days you gotta use what ever shade you can grow!
  8. Mr. & Mrs Swainson hawk. I wasn't their favorite person to say the least! I think the dark one is a female and the light one is a male. Do the different varieties frequently pair up?
  9. I have a couple of external hard drives that I store photo's on and I now use Flickr for online sharing. I used to use Photobucket before they royally screwed up.
  10. I'm always confused about flycatchers. No eyering on this guy so I'm clueless (again)! Seen in eastern Washington.
  11. This noisy little Anna's hummer sits for hours on my cherry tree singing / chirping.
  12. I know this is a horrible photo but it's the only one I have. I thought a flycatcher but it didn't act like one, then I thought a mocking bird or gray catbird? Feel free to say it's a catbird because it would be a lifer!!! Thanks in advance
  13. I have missed you all! Just playing with my new camera - first shots
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