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  1. This was taken today in Central WA. I thought it was a rough legged when I first saw it. The dark bib reminded me of a rough legged and when I saw the streaking I questioned what it was. Thanks in advance.
  2. Eastern WA - about 100 miles from Seattle
  3. I know that this is a red-tail hawk. But is it a Harlan's or a dark morph and does it have a few leucistic feathers? Thanks in advance!!
  4. I'm lucky that I can see great horns almost every day! Here are some others:
  5. I got the most! I hope I'm still alive - I was worried after seeing this group.
  6. If I could see the birds I may try finding them. This fire is about 19,000 acres now.
  7. This is the Schneider Springs Fire in WA that is about 40 or 50 miles away as the crow flies. I believe it's about 5,900 acres.
  8. Cycling! Why drive a car when you can ride a bike! I have to admit that 105 today was a little over my threshold for heat. I've lost 25 pounds in the past 3 months with another 20 to go. It's a great workout for most of your major muscle groups. I have a bike trainer in the house for bad days and I ride the country side when the weather allows. When we rode up the Going to the Sun Road at Glacier I didn't know we missed so much in the car.
  9. This harrier wasn't following the social distancing guidelines! I was watching a flock of about 50 cedar waxwings when she came thru and disturbed my watching and their hunting. She didn't get one this time but she didn't fly to far away.
  10. You gotta hand it to the DNR pilots. It was blowing about 40 mph and they can still dump these buckets with amazing accuracy.
  11. When you're a little bird dinner is little also!
  12. I really didn't expect or want to see this great horn today. There was a sighting of a barn owl at this location and also a barn owl box. This was not good news for my little barn owl.
  13. How about mom and her two babies. With our heat (National Weather Service said 115 where I live) these babies can use all the shade they can find.
  14. One of my favorites and least favorites! Yellow warbler and cowbird.
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