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  1. It's a daily occurrence here. The "eagle tree" is across the creek from this one. We had 125 eagles in about 20 minutes of counting. There's a also a golden hanging around!
  2. If she wants some suggestions for WA areas near the boarder let me know. I'm more than happy to help
  3. This will be a guessing game! How many eagles are in the tree? I think I got 16 - but you gotta look hard!
  4. I went out to find an eagle - I didn't find one!
  5. Now there is yes - she kinda started the whole thing.
  6. This owl was having a wonderful discussion with it's mate in the tree next to it. There were 6 of us looking in that tree for the mate and we didn't see it. Sometimes owls can seem invisible!
  7. These guys can play hide a seek really well!
  8. I thought this bald eagle was a little odd looking - the coloring is off.
  9. They're easier to find! How about those balloon poppers on her feet! Just seeing any snowy is an experience!
  10. This is the only one seen in WA this winter
  11. I got a half of a magpie! The top and bottom!
  12. I saw this guy in eastern WA today. It was pretty small with very little markings. The tips of it's tail feathers look red but otherwise is it just a dark redtail or rufus redtail? Sorry about the white blotches - it was snowing!
  13. I know the 3 eagles on the ground are bald eagles - is eagle standing on the carcass also a bald eagle or golden? We have both in the area and I just wanted to be sure. Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!
  14. Congrats that's quite an accomplishment. I have a friend that had Bouvier years ago. I always felt that I was being watched by him but never threatened!
  15. The Seattle grey clouds just don't make for very good backgrounds.
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