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  1. We have both in eastern WA. But this is a juvi and I always question these. Thanks is advance.
  2. I've been staking out this barn with a pair of great horns nesting in it for a week or so. Unfortunately the lighting is really bad when the sun is out. I've tried so many different places to get out of the glair from behind the car to holding up a blanket! So I found out who owns the barn and they are 100 miles away from here so I couldn't just ask them for permission to go near their barn. Then my husband noticed that there weren't any "no trespassing" signs around. So I ran up to the gate and went around to snap this quick picture and ran back to the car. No harm no foul I think. I k
  3. So Nat Geo and I aren't on the same page. This is what I get when the sun is shining directly into my lens and the subject is inside a dark place. I gotta wait for a cloudy day to try it again. I don't think this pair is going to be going anyplace. This is highly photoshopped!
  4. Yup - same bird. He (I guess based on size) hunts along the same road and sits along the same fence every day. Fortunately there are no telephone poles along this road so he has to sit on a fence post, sprinkler or gate. It makes it a little easier for me since he flies off even if I slow the car down. Red-tails a jumpy anyway but this guy is a little more than most.
  5. It's been suggested that it's a western X Harlan's cross?
  6. I thought I would show you want this guys tail looks like. I agree it's not a Harlan's but we just don't see this color red-tail up here. In eastern Washington we can easily see 50 of them in a day without trying very hard!! It does have a white spot on the back of it's neck.
  7. This isn't the best picture but we just don't see goldens here very often. Thanks for the ID confirmation! Taken about 100 yards out without a tripod!
  8. I've convinced myself that this is a bald eagle - but this was in the dry area of eastern WA. So just checking before I get excited. Thanks in advance
  9. If this helps for the discussion the underside of the wings appeared white. I've been trying to find this bird for the last few days but no luck. The hunt is on! Last time I went hunting for it I came back with a pair of great horns!! I'm hoping for barn owls next!
  10. I've seen Harlan's red-tail before but this is much darker than those. It is just a really dark Harlan's?
  11. This bird was spotted in the Skagit Valley area between Seattle and Bellingham WA. If you're on Facebook this is a link to one of the non profit organizations that helps promote the area and to show others what we have to offer. They share many of our pictures and videos https://www.facebook.com/birdsofwinter/ As for the falcon, 3 of us spotted this bird having a heated argument with a bald eagle over a dead snow goose. I'm not sure who killed the goose but in the end the eagle was no match for gyr. It was amazing to see these two predators going after the dead goose. The ea
  12. I was 100% sure that this was a gyrfalcon. Then someone questioned me. Please please please confirm a gyrfalcon. My insecurity is showing.
  13. I've only seen one other gyrfalcon before but it was an adult and this is a juvi I believe.
  14. Someone on FB pointed out that there are 2 moose in the picture! I totally missed #2!
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