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  1. Two from today - Yellow and Townsend's.
  2. This is the only picture I got of this small (ish) woodpecker. Found along a mountain pass in central Washington. The noise it made kinda sounded like a dogs squeaky toy but not as high pitched. It looked to me like it has red above or in front of it's eye. Any guess is better than the one I have! As always thanks in advance!!
  3. How about a female western tanager. We don't usually see these - they aren't as pretty as the males.
  4. Yellow breasted chat - It's been years since I've been able to take a picture of a chat. I've heard many but seeing one is a whole different thing!
  5. I'm walking down a gravel road looking for warblers when all of a sudden this red-tail pops out of the bushes! It stood there for a minute and I started to think it was hurt - nope! It just flew off down the road!
  6. I thought about a harrier but it wasn't flying like a harrier. They usually fly low and this was circling high over some fir trees - over and over. A RSHA would be very rare here in central Washington. We only have a few near the Oregon boarder on the west side of the state. How about a Swainson? We have a pretty healthy population here? I'm going back in the morning to see if it's still around.
  7. This was taken in Central WA today and it's the only shot I got before the bird disappeared behind a grove of trees. There was a gos reported at this location but I'm always a little skeptical when I see a report without pictures. Sorry it's such a bad pic but is there any suggestion of a goshawk?
  8. I'm scared to death to go out on a pelagic trip! Whenever we went to Westport I would think - Maybe this time - NO. I just can't do it
  9. I was told that bands on the left leg means the bird is a female and the right leg it's a male. It this true? It may have been a joke - the male is always right!
  10. Don't make me drive north of Seattle to take a picture of the common crane!! I'm getting jealous!!
  11. Just a little quail but I love seeing these guys running around
  12. I hadn't considered that, but it looks like you're right! Thank you
  13. I took this terrible picture today in eastern WA. It was in the middle of a large sagebrush open area. It had a very loud song and it was advertising it on top of this boulder. I thought it may have been a meadowlark but after I looked at the picture I pretty much ruled that out. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  14. Mom and dad will still take care of it. Barred owl babies can climb trees! Baby barred owl climbing a tree - YouTube
  15. What! You can't tell! I let that out on purpose just to see if anyone would guess! It's the back of the head of a female great gray owl!! She's sitting in a nest box!
  16. I drove 6 hours and hiked 6 miles for (not) this shot!
  17. This is the best of the day and a lifer for me! Red crossbills
  18. This is probably the strangest picture I've ever taken. It looks like something is splattered all over the lens but it's just reeds that are starting to grow just above the water. The osprey just caught a catfish.
  19. So I hear a Eurasian Hobby may been spotted in south western WA. I haven't decided if I'm going to chase it on Tuesday or not. What have you chased and how far did you travel? We did drive a long way for the Siberian accentor!
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