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  1. I spent 2 hours looking in a thicket  - about 300 feet by 100 feet or so.  There were 3 long eared owls in this stupid thicket.  I walked up and down the road over and over with binoculars looking in the trees, brush, brambles - etc.  Every time I made it walked down to one end they would move to the other.  Even if I was in the right end of the road with them I still couldn't find them.  So a 5 hour drive - walking well over a mile - looking and looking for one of the 3 owls this is all I came home with!  I have to laugh because it doesn't do any good to get mad.  These are certainly stealthy birds - they can hide in plain sight! 

    Long eared (1 of 1)


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  2. On 2/16/2021 at 12:38 PM, TexasCobra said:

    Snow in the San Antonio region of Texas is usually something that happens once in a decade.  We brought Lola home from the breeder near Tulsa Oklahoma in advance of a snow storm two years ago.  Lola has decided snow is a good thing!  We spent one night without power (in an all-electric house) when the outdoor temp went down to 7 degrees F.  The next day we lost water pressure from the public utility.  We are now in a hotel in Boerne 20 miles from the house with three dogs that weigh seventy to eighty pounds.

     Wind Chill Warnings and Hard Freeze Warnings are in effect across
    all of South Central Texas tonight through noon today. A Winter
    Storm Warning goes into effect at 6 pm this evening through
    tonight for most of South Central Texas. Across western portions
    of South Central Texas where winter precipitation should be
    lighter, a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect from 6 pm this
    evening through tonight.

    Travel will remain difficult tonight as ice and snow persist on
    some roads and water on other roads refreezes tonight. Scattered
    power outages are also occurring.

    The coldest air since 1989 has settled over the area. Lows of zero
    to 15 degrees and winds up to 10 mph could bring wind chill values
    of 10 below zero to 5 above zero. These values can lead to
    hypothermia for anyone outdoors.

    Lola as a pup

    Lola yesterday

    A rare snowy day but Lola seems comfortable with it


    I feel for everyone in Texas that is going through this.  I've been without power for a week after a storm and it's not fun.  At least we had a wood burning stove to heat water and canned stuff for dinner.   I wish I could loan you our generator.   Just remember that at some point you'll look back and laugh at all this.  

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