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  1. Goldens have feathers all the way to their feet.
  2. Yup!! part of a pair we've been watching this week.
  3. Night Heron. This was my best find this year so I'm cheating just a little!
  4. It was to dark to take a good picture. But we found a new neighbor last night. I relocated it in a tree today and it has a really good hiding place.
  5. It was repeated every 15 or 20 seconds or so. Now I'll have to sneak over a fence and take a look in the pump house! Thanks
  6. This sound was coming from a pump house right at sunset. It was darker than the video makes it seem. Is this a barn owl?
  7. I don't think there was a real determination on what it was. I asked a FB raptor group also and that was split!
  8. This was tossed around about a year ago as a redtail variaition (or not).
  9. Cape Dissappointment Light House
  10. This is one that is at Samish Flats north of Seattle
  11. I'm probably going to kick myself for not knowing this one! This guy was hunting bugs along the Columbia River in eastern WA on Monday. Sorry the color may be off but we were in heavy smoke all day.
  12. The local forest / range fire from the bedroom window!
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