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  1. Oh dang! I see and hear eastern bluebirds constantly I don't know how I didn't catch that. We'll blame it on the fact I had a long day yesterday lol.
  2. At one point there were probably about 5 with their heads sticking out of a hole in this tree. As I approached many flew away. There are a couple in this video and sound can be heard towards the end. From a distance, looked light brown and white but I could be off. I know it's a long shot, but please help it's driving me nuts! 20221017_145408.mp4
  3. My only holdback is that the tail bands seem to have more white than a typical red shoulder, but that's still definitely a possibility.
  4. I was thinking a common RTH but I haven't seen one with so much white on the tail bands? Hoping it's something new I can start looking out for in that area
  5. Well that explains why I couldn't pick it up on the Merlin app! He better quiet down, I've been hearing a red shoulder hawk around there lol.
  6. 2022-07-26 07_21.wav Audio I took with the Merlin app. I'm NOT talking about the American Crow cawing. If you have trouble hearing it at first, keep listening please! It gets louder as I walk closer. You'll probably need the sound all the way up, it's pretty quiet (couldn't get closer without getting on someone else's property). Merlin ID app heard an American Crow in this audio of course, and it hesitantly said maybe a White Breasted Nuthatch, which I didn't hear at all. Thank you in advance! I'm trying to get better at ID, especially with calls and songs.
  7. Yeah my bad. I totally get it, I've had some 'nefarious' links catch me by surprise before, and it's not fun (and no offense taken!) I'm kinda crap at technology for someone in my early 20s. Edit: Also I later discovered the Merlim app and put the audio in the app, it ended up being White Eyed Vireo. I looked at the video and compared it to other white eyed vireo calls, it checked out ?
  8. Couple days ago Texarkana Arkansas. I see now that they don't hang out here much, but tricolor was in my "Wings Over Arkansas" checklist so I figured they'd be more common lol
  9. Here is a link to my reddit post about it. Thought it was a snow at first, snapped a picture to remember to put it in my birding book at home. Then realized it's not a snow after I got home. Hybrid? Domestic?
  10. Here is my post on Reddit, where I was told to come here and ask for more help! I appologize for bad photos, I saw the bird while driving and couldn't get a still picture. Thank you in advance!
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