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  1. ***UPDATE: I found a wildlife rehabilitator that specializes in birds. I emailed her and it turns out that she works at the Texas Sealife Center in Corpus Christi. I made a donation in memory of "Lester Hawk." The center is about an hour away so I can take my kiddo there to learn more about wildlife. My son was right, we really can take a negative and turn it into a positive. Thank you to everyone for your kindness in helping me identify poor Lester. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
  2. Yes, I can see now...Mockingbird. It was definitely mocking me by flying off as I took that photo. I've been researching my poor little friend and found some excellent articles about comparing the lesser and common nighthawks by a woman from the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory. I'm pretty sure it's a lesser nighthawk. I'll contact her. At least I found an appropriate organization for the donation. My kiddo was with me and it's all his idea to donate...trying to turn a negative into a positive. Thank you for your kind comment.
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  4. I was driving at 9:30pm in Jim Wells County, Texas on an unpaved county road. This bird was in the middle of the road and fluttered up and hit the front of my car. I wasn't going fast and certainly didn't expect this to happen. We found it on the road as we drove back a few minutes later. I'm thinking it was already ill when I hit it??? Anyway, I'd like to know what species it is so we can make a donation to any wildlife rescue rehabilitator who takes these birds into care.
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