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  1. I used iBird on this and it id'd the bird with high confidence. On the other hand, while comparing this to the photos in iBird I don't have the same confidence level. That said, if a bird needs an id I'm usually the last person to ask. Also - iBird puts the White-tailed Hawk in Falconiformes -- Accipitridae. "Other locations" on web indicate that it's Accipitriformes -- Accipitridae (which is where I put it on my photo storage site). Did "someone" rearrange the taxonomy?
  2. Thank you. I honestly couldn't see it being anything else but I like to attached taxonomy to my images and I'm not confident enough to do that without asking (most of the time)
  3. I try to get out and photograph birds on 1/1 of every year. I spent most of the morning down on the blackland prairie / coastal prairie in Texas with a friend. This year we had dismal weather but a decent population of birds, mostly hawks. Then this guy (gal?) surprised us later in the morning. The launch from a tree was ungainly enough that I first thought it was hurt. Then "is that an owl? During the day?"... I've seen and photographed owls during the day but never there. I've heard them call but that location is a few miles from where this was taken. Speaking of location, the bird was within 50' of 29.408400° ; -96.468568° in these photographs. It travelled along a road, never letting me get within 100 yards before it would fly. These are tight crops shot from about 300 yards with a 600mm lens. Unfortunately it never gave me a good face on look.
  4. First bird is easy. I traditionally go photograph birds on the first day of the new year. Typically in the blackland prairie region of Texas. Photography conditions were somewhat dismal but the birds were out doing the survival thing. Red-tailed Hawk
  5. Thanks for the confirmation(s). I've been registered here for a while but it's probably been at least a year since I posted. My normal "range" is the Gulf Coast of Texas. It's nice to see a bird that I don't normally get to see. I just updated my profile. The site must have been redone. I tell people about Whatbird all of the time. It's a great resource!
  6. This was taken at the Bosque del Apache refuge south of San Antonio, NM on 10/27/19. iBird says it's a Canyon Towhee. Can someone confirm or correct?
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