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  1. Thanks very much!!! I really appreciate the expert opinions delivered in such a timely fashion late in the evening!
  2. Thanks, guys. Both spotted and solitary have been sighted in this location. What threw me is the lack of spots. Is it because they are juveniles?
  3. I spotted these three birds last Saturday around 6:00 pm. They are perched on a cluster of timber in Salt Creek in the Fullersburg Woods nature preserve in Oak Brook, IL. The birds spent most of their time perched on the wood. Occasionally they would fly to the river bank (I couldn't see if they landed on the ground or the trees - I was very far away). They would then fly back to the timbers, and it looked like they dove for fish a couple of times, then waded in the water for a short while and then flew back to the timber. I looked on the Merlin app but could not find any shorebirds that were not spotted or that looked like these birds. According to Merlin, the most likely birds on this date and this location include: Kildeer Spotted Sandpiper Least Sandpiper Solitary Sandpiper Lesser Yellowlegs Pectoral Sandpiper Greater Yellowlegs Semipalmated Sandpiper Semipalmated Plover Sorry for the blurry photos: they were shot with a 400mm lens and I zeroed in on the birds in Lightroom at 100%.
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