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  1. Amazing they can fly after one or two of these isn't it ?
  2. If they make enough noise and are in the right place at the right time, a healthy meal is delivered on the fly without even a touchdown !
  3. These fledglings patiently perch fairly close together while the parents acrobatically swoop through the sky catching up bugs along the way. The young hear their parents calling on their return and when they come in close, each young'n makes noise and flutter up a storm, trying to attract the most attention. "Pick Me ! Pick Me !"
  4. Not much more beautiful than a fledgling Barn Swallow
  5. A Cattle Egret sitting on a nest one drizzly afternoon.
  6. Here is an oddity for these parts.... a Northern Gannet on the shores on Rye NH. A very cooperative subject was he !
  7. The image above was made while this breeding pair took a break from nest building one February near Maitland, FL (winter home of Jack Kerouac)
  8. One of my favorites.... The Red-shouldered Hawk ! Like most raptors, the male (L) is smaller and and stockier than the female (R)
  9. An image of a loving couple entitled "Dance Me" A Link to the video that inspired the shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGorjBVag0I "Dance Me to the End of Love" by Leonard Cohen (worth the watch, viewed over 39 million times !)
  10. More Yellow ? How about a Common Yellowthroat ? Here is an example of a handsome adult male.
  11. Yellow it is ! How about a Yellow Warbler ? Light as a Feather !
  12. The Chukar I subscribe to an App that notifies me when an unusual bird shows up in my area and sure enough, this one was right where they said he would be ! This guy is certainly unusual on the Coast of New Hampshire across the street from the beach ! He certainly didn't fly here with those stubby little wings and plump little body ; - ) He was very friendly and calm, my presence was obviously no cause of concern to him. Every bit the handsome, self assured gentleman. I swear if I had some cracked corn he would have come to my hand ! Likely an escapee from some nearby farm, it was a pleasure to have made his acquaintance.
  13. Immature Red-tailed Hawk. I met this guy on a jobsite near Canobie Lake in Salem, NH. It was great fun to watch him throw his small stick in the air and pounce on it over and over. Preoccupied with his exercise he (?) paid me little mind and allowed me to get pretty close for some nice shots.
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