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  1. Judging by how dark its head is I would say it's a eastern phoebe. Smithville Mansion Eastampton NJ
  2. Lol I was thinking that wasn't a mockingbird. 😄
  3. @Charlie SpencerAnd I'm east of philly, kinda just in the center of new jersey
  4. @Charlie Spencer Well, the only thing is I'm younger, so I just go out with my family, and me and my sister are the birders, so we are kind of just doing it on our own. So, I don't think I would end up going with any random birders anytime soon.
  5. I've had a dream that i thought there we're birds in the tree above me but they we're rainbow porcupines lol. I know its weird.
  6. @Kevin @Charlie Spencer When so you think the best time in fall migration would be in New Jersey? And do you have any suggestions on what website would be good to see migration maps?
  7. Is fall migration starting? I'm Kinda new to birds so im not sure how the migrations work very well.
  8. There is a common theme with all of these "sightings" they are always blurry and its hard to tell anything. So until its a clear image then maybe ill believe it
  9. @Charlie Spencer No Sadly But I Wouldn't Be Suprised If There Was Something To Catch Because We Haven't Cleaned It And We've Had Frogs And Tadpoles In It
  10. I've Seen Belted Kingfishers But I've Never Seen One At My Pool So This Was Cool To See. I Hope It Comes Back! 🙂
  11. @Hasan @Charlie Spencer @Peromyscus Thanks! Looks Like I Can Add That As A Lifer
  12. Ok Thanks, I'm Not Very Good At Identifying Sandpipers. Ps It Was in May When I Went, Idk If That Changes Anything.
  13. Some Sandpiper In Cape May Nj. I'm Not Sure What It Is. Maybe A Red Knot? Sorry For Bad Pictures.
  14. It Looks like two barn swallows And either bank or juvenile tree swallows
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