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  1. I will get my hubby to keep a look out. We’ve had great grey’s off and on over the years, and a saw whet this winter, but haven’t seen much else owl-wise.
  2. We’ve been listening to this “bird” or something chirping at night for weeks now. It moves closer and further away to our house (rural property with few homes in the area, lots of farmers fields). I’ve listened to every night bird and many other animals in Manitoba audio file that I can find and never found anything close. We’ve tried the Merlin Bird ID and got nothing there either. My husband is a wildlife photographer and tracks a lot of what we have on our property, he has seen a black billed cuckoo around lately, but that’s not really close either. I’m not convinced it’s a bird at this point. We live in southeastern Manitoba, rural setting with a creek running through our property. Any help is appreciated! FullSizeRender.MOV
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