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  1. It is definitely cool to see them. Thanks for the input.
  2. That’s it! Juvenile? There were two of them this morning in the tree behind the house making that same sound. So your saying not adult GHO’s?
  3. Awesome! That's it. Juvenile? There were two of them in the tree this morning behind the house making that same sound. So you're saying not adult GHO's?
  4. I think you can hear the screech at the 8 second mark. 7C4E1E96-1998-4DEE-B623-7432A335D70E.mov
  5. The video I have that has the screech sound is too long to post.
  6. The bird sounds that are in the video are not the coming form that bird in the top of the tree.
  7. No it does not. It has the screech of a barn owl but much larger bird than that. The wing span looks the size of an eagle. That time of day or night the screeches are very short and somewhat scary. I'm still trying to get better pictures or videos. These two birds have been around most of the summer. Lately one of them has been roosting on my chimney but it flies away when I make any sneaky attempt to get pictures. 80E5803D-7198-451B-9343-BF178C758AA6.mov
  8. I live in Davison, Michigan USA and have seen a pair of birds at dusk and dawn. Can't get a good photo do to low light condition. I do have a 16 second video that shows it fly away. It could be a GHO. The two birds screech quite often and are very large. But I've never heard any Hoots from them just screeching sounds. A guess on wing span would be over 4 feet. Not sure how to post a 16 second video I have.
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