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  1. @Charlie Spencer That Audubon Migration Tool is AMAZING!! What a great time to be a birder. Thank you!! Two Townsend's Warblers showed up today and it was such a wonderful surprise! I wish they'd stay forever. Really cheered me up after watching two separate golfing groups chasing down the Canada Geese with their carts and running after them on foot. One of the geese is flightless (broken wing) and others are finishing up their molt, so there was much scrambling toward the pond. Such ill-mannered humans. Thank you, again. I can't wait to really dig in!
  2. @chipperatlThank you! I forgot I had that thing.
  3. Finally, one I can identify! Beautiful photos. We have the Oregon and they’re really cute.
  4. @lonestranger that video was pretty cool! I don’t think I would make my own, but the directions were great! The one from Amazon looks kinda fun doesn’t it? I might just have to get it for research purposes without the concern about my neighbors thinking I am spying. One of them talks so loudly that I leave the garden because her conversations embarrass me. I am not the only one in the area who can hear her. @chipperatl, how to you attach the EIM version to your phone? I have an iPhone, but it only has a charging port.
  5. Thank you very much for your sage feedback, @Charlie Spencer. Maybe I need to look into some type of device to amplify the sound to my phone to get better information to Merlin.
  6. Anyone planning to purchase this device? https://terralistens.com There are so many bird calls and songs that Merlin cannot identify from my phone recordings that I think the Terra would be great for someone like me. I'm also fascinated with tagged animals so it would be awesome to know if any tagged birds are flying by. The only downside - and they've already addressed this - is picking up language. I am a pretty boring person so no interesting gossip here, but on the golf course there is quite of bit of blue language being used. What are your thoughts for a novice backyard birder? Thanks very much.
  7. @Charlie Spencer!! Thank you so very much for your detailed and thorough reply. I don't get out into the world much anymore, so I am limited to the birds in our garden and what I can see from a little beyond. I am looking forward to the Townsend's Warblers, Golden-crowned Sparrows, Fox Sparrows, and White-throated Sparrows. I know there are so many more that fly by so just thinking of those mystery birds migrating through is very exciting. Thank you, again, very much.
  8. Why does migration seem to start in the midwest and east? Are there more birds there, in general? I am watching the BirdCast and seeing low migration numbers in California. Which birds migrate here first and which birds are migrating now? I didn't realize it has already started. I am late, as usual! Thank you.
  9. I found this helpful to get a general idea of which heights birds prefer. I hope this helps you, too. https://morebirds.com/blogs/news/how-high-should-i-hang-my-bird-feeder
  10. Thank you @Primal, @lonestranger, @Seanbirds, @IKLland, and @AlexHenry for your time and feedback. I hope to get a picture next time.
  11. Thank you, @Primal. Is there any life stage for the Downy Woodpecker that has a completely dark back (still with the white spots)? I looked through the images and I didn’t see any that looked like what I saw. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the front of the bird and only saw a flash of the side of the face. I did find a woodpecker that looks very, very close to what I saw, but I am not in the normal range for the Black-backed Woodpecker. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Black-backed_Woodpecker/overview With my inexperience, I can see how a quick look might’ve appeared to be an eyebrow, when it is possible it could’ve been under the eye. But when you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras, right?! Especially considering I am not in range. Maybe I’ll ask my husband to put up a suet cake tomorrow!
  12. Seen on Saturday, August 27 at 6pm in our Kohuhu tree. Overcast day. Dark, very slender body, I don’t think it was larger than 6”. Small white dots on lower 1/3 of the back. White “eyebrow”. I don’t know why, but I had the impression it was a young bird. It was pecking on the tree, but not in a long stream of pecks, maybe 3-4 at a time. The adjacent area is a mature eucalyptus grove with coastal scrub and evergreens. It is a riparian area that borders an open field on the side opposite of our home. It is a popular corridor for wildlife, surrounded by a golf course with a large pond, approximately 1 mile east of the ocean. Thank you for reading and for any insight.
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