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  1. Thanks folks for having a look...Wedge-tailed is what I'll put on the eBird report and call it a lifer. Moe
  2. Thanks folks for having a look at the photo. I appreciate the input. Moe
  3. Hello - I caught this fly-away tubenose near the beach park by the harbor on Lana'i last week. The only shearwater that comes up on eBird for the location is Wedge-tailed Shearwater but this bird appears to have a forked tail. Thanks in advance for your ideas. Moe
  4. Hi all - just revisiting some older photos. What do you think about these two? Thanks in advance. Moe
  5. Thanks Connor - having a look at that species on my computer as well. I appreciate it. Moe
  6. Hi all - 2nd of two birds I'm looking to ID from a trip in 2015. These fly-bys were seen in port in Cartagena, Colombia in late October 2015. Thanks in advance for advice. Moe
  7. Hi - first of a couple of birds I'm looking to ID. Is this a White-fronted Amazon? Seen in late October 2015. Thanks in advance. Moe
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