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  1. The photo is looking up, but head marks, faint central spot, faint "vest," and overall shape suggest Brewer's Sparrow. Merlin agrees. What do you think?
  2. Agree. I would not have guessed that, but comparing a lot of pix and Sibley, I can see that now.
  3. Got it. Thanks to all three of you. The bill is the give-away!
  4. This was observed near Tucson, AZ June 2. Any ID help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Perched on a post in a marsh near Titusville, Florida. The head turned away. The stark white front is puzzling. Thanks.
  6. Thanks to you all. The article and video are rich resources. I read most of the article and will continue later. I just got started on the video, but will return later. As said before, I always learn from this group.
  7. I have long used bill length to ID Dowitchers. If some are VERY long or VERY short, it's not hard. I hear from local experts, that many Dowitchers are in the Twilight Zone for bill length and there are better ways to ID them. This is a picture taken in the South San Francisco Bay (Baylands Park) in May. I *think* the bird on the right is a LBDO and the other two are SBDO. I would appreciate your thoughts, and even more, the basis for distinguishing Dowitchers in the Twilight Zone of bill length. Thanks!
  8. This bird was seen (May 25) in late afternoon light in Hualapai (Northwestern corner of Arizona). The Merlin app waffles between Warbling Vireo and Orange-crowned Warbler. The afternoon light might tend toward yellow but not enough to turn a gray bird this yellow. The eyeline and bill do resemble the vireo, but the overall color inclines this amateur (me) to Orange-crowned Warbler. I learn from you folks every time I do this. Thanks!!
  9. Assuming a first winter bird (either BOGU or LIGU), there is more extensive black visible on the folded wing, the bird is about 30% smaller than the BOGUs in the picture (which is why I included them in the pic), and the grayish cap.
  10. Sorry for the confusion. Here the target bird is marked.
  11. A Little Gull has been reported on Ogunquit Beach for the last week. I took some pix there (Oct 10) and *think* I might have caught him. In the photos, he is mixed with Ring-billed and Bonaparte's Gulls. He is distinctly smaller than the BOGU, has dark wing bars (sitting), and a gray cap. He appears to be a first winter gull. Before reporting though, I wanted to get some knowledgeable opinions. Thanks.
  12. A friend of mine, who’s one of the finest birders that I’ve met, says that this is an immature yellow warbler which has recently shed its downy feathers. I always appreciate the interchanges on this forum. While this bird will remain unreported, I am learning from every post. Much thanks to you all. Tom on his iPhone
  13. This was seen mid-July on Brier Island at the westernmost tip of Nova Scotia. I have speculated flycatcher or warbler. Merlin says Orange-crowned Warbler. iBird Pro says female Summer Tanager or Prairie Warbler. Help is always appreciated.
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