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  1. I have one last question and I will drop it (promise!). I notice, in pictures, that the Virginia Rail can have quite a red beak, in other images it is paler and less distinct (like my sad little discovery!) Is this sexual dimorphism? Or is it related to the birds breeding costume? Or simply individual variation? Thank you, in advance, to anyone kind enough to answer.
  2. Oh, excellent! I was coming to that conclusion but wanted an expert to way in. Much appreciated. (Saw one once before, thankfully alive, but this squished specimen had me a bit puzzled!)
  3. Firstly, are we allowed to post images of birds that are dead? I live in Langley, BC and found a dead bird on my walk and am trying to identify it with limited success. I think it might be a type of thrasher (?) but they are not exactly common in my area? About the bird: it was medium sized, rusty coloured, with dark markings and a rather long, curved thin beak and large feet. I will post an image, if allowed. (If not, could someone direct me to a reliable identification source? I want to solve this mystery!)
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