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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions, comments and guesses. To me it looks most like a Glaucos Gull, but they are not found this far south, according to iBird. I think I can see a yellow bill, gray mantle and white breast
  2. I'm attaching what Photo Sleuth came up with, but I think the photo was too blurry for it to come close.
  3. Hi, My adult son, who lives in Northampton MA, took the attached picture of ducks feeding in the Connecticut River a day or two ago. I picked out one duck and fed its blurry photo to Photo Sleuth in iBird, but it was too blurry, I guess. He watched them for a while, saw one duck dive for a fish, then almost all the ducks gather around and start diving. One duck got a fish and some others tries to take it away. I have attached the photos. Would be nice to know what ducks they are.
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