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  1. Hawk perched in pines at the University of Florida Natural Area, Gainesville this morning. I'm trying to decide if this is a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk or a juvenile Cooper's Hawk. Red-shouldered Hawks are common here and I saw an adult RSH this morning as well. Cooper's Hawk has been seen here as well. The description of the Cooper's Hawk juvenile mentioned they have "a slim and straight back when perched and thinner streaks on the breasts than a RSH". That, and comparing this bird to photos of the RSH juvenile got me wanting a second opinion. Any input appreciated.
  2. Thank you for your assistance everyone. I did see a couple of female blackbirds in the treetops earlier before the large flock flew by. I hadn't considered the possibility of tricky lighting but they were flying into very bright morning sunlight. I'll "spuh" them as blackbirds for now. bob
  3. This morning I observed this flock of approximately 50 birds flying in close formation and at times making radical, coordinated direction changes between treetops in a pine forest. I managed to get one barely usable photo of the group passing behind a tree. Their coloration appears to me (might have to zoom to see) to be combinations of black, white and black with white wingtips. This was in the University of Florida Natural Area. Any assistance in ID much appreciated. The smaller photo is a cropped version of the wide shot. bob
  4. First is what appears to be a warbler who was in the top of a pine tree this morning at the University of Florida Natural Area. In the photo, it appears chocolate brown except for white around the eye and yellow under the tail. ********** The second is what looked to me like a female blackbird, again from this morning at UF Natural Area. There was a small flock of about 10 moving fairly quickly from treetop to treetop in an area of pine trees with a few hardwoods. The ones I examined all looked like this with no obvious color differences. They eventually moved out of the area. I thought I heard a red-winged blackbird yesterday here, but they are not usually in the area. Any assistance greatly appreciated. bob
  5. Foraging in trees beside a pond this morning on the UF campus. Very active while in and out of shade making focus difficult. I'm wondering if it might be a Cape May. It appeared to have rusty markings on the face and sides but my vision is poor and my imagination runs amok. I'm not sure last photo is the same bird as there were several. Thanks for any assistance.
  6. I'm unable to identify this bird, despite it being rather striking. Sparrow sized or a bit larger. It was foraging in the understory of upland pines this morning, mostly around goldenrod. Not quite enough light for a sharp focus. I've compared it with some of the sparrows known from the area without a match. Female Grosbeak? Any assistance is appreciated.
  7. This morning around 0900 in a ruderal, weedy field I spotted this sparrow-looking bird. There was a heavy fog/gloom so I didn't have my camera out and the bird moved further away by the time the photo was taken. Terrible, low-light image. Would appreciate any assistance at ID or even confirmation it's a sparrow. There were a few warblers and several house finches in the area. Thanks.
  8. Ahh, my poor old eyes must have wanted to see strange markings. Thank you for explaining the situation. Once I zoomed in a bit, I can see what you mean! Thank you for the assistance.
  9. Small warbler puffed up and sunning on cool morning while perched in a pine tree at the University of Florida Natural Area in Gainesville. Looked olive greenish topside with yellow breast streaked with thick dark lines. ID help appreciated. Photos taken at limit of old CCD point and shoot's range.
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