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  1. The bird was perched right at the top of a tall oak. I noticed its silhouette against the horizon. This bird was BIG --at LEAST crow-sized. The long, narrow beak seemed incongruous. It was NOT a woodpecker. If not for the beak, I would have said it was a small hawk.
  2. Hey! Just joined this site and am not at all sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am looking for help identifying a bird I saw yesterday that does not seem to be in any of my field guides. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo, but I was able to watch it w/ binoculars, both while perched and in flight. Thus: Bird spotted in western Calaveras County, CA, yesterday around noon (grassland w/ scrub oak & some pine, elevation +1,000 ft). While perched, it appeared at least crow-sized. Black head, back, wings & tail. Long, straight, narrow beak (like a sandpiper). White collar. Red breast. Narrow tail that pointed while perched and assumed the shape of a narrow puttyknife in flight. In flight, it had a kestrel-like silhouette, no space between individual wing or tail feathers evident. It did not soar or glide for any length of time. Any suggestions, greatly appreciated!
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