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  1. Going through 1000+ images taken on the inside shore of Ft Desoto State Park April 2018. Using iBird Photo Sleuth & FL Audubon Field guide but can nail down. Seuth offers Ruddy Turnstone 100% and Guide has image too. But after looking at them both I am not so sure PUNT! 🙂 Thanks
  2. Thank you. I had almost stopped there but all the images I could find online had the drake's crown feathers extended and my lack-o-knowledge didn't make that correlation. I should have paid more attention to the hens. I also tried the IDing using this site, iBirdPro and two book at home but just didn't get there. While I was waiting for replies I just got iBird Photo Sleuth. But still need to get as smart as the software. Thanks again, Norm
  3. Walked up on these in SW FL Nov. 11/29/18. I've tried IDing using all the resources I have (including WHATBIRD) but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about poor photo.. not enough lens to get there. Thanks, Norm
  4. Fort De Soto State Park FL. April 2018 I was watching this bird checking the elasticity of a worm and found it pretty interesting. Unfortunately I'm highly unqualified to state with any certainty WHATBIRD it might be. An expert opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Norm
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