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  1. Boy, I’ve got a lot here: Downy woodpecker- least woodpecker Canada goose- American goose red tailed hawk- rufous tailed hawk reddish egret- rufous headed egret yellow crowned night heron- white-crowned night heron golden eagle- golden naped eagle Mississippi kite- southeastern kite (Please don’t hate me for this) bald eagle-white headed eagle red shouldered hawk- rufous shouldered hawk (for the billionth time, rufous is NOT red!)
  2. I wanted to start this thread, so here we go. I’ll start: bicknell’s thrush and gray cheeked thrush should be one species (gray-cheeked thrush). black capped and Carolina chickadees should also be one species (American Chickadee) Northern flicker should be two species (yellow shafted and red shafted flicker) dark-eyed junco should be separated into five different species (slate-colored junco, Oregon junco, white winged junco, pink sided junco, and gray headed junco. Can you think of anymore?
  3. This is my photo by the way: the other photo is not.
  4. Actually there is another photo of the bird. It’s a pileated. Never mind. Note how pileateds also have a white neck stripe.
  5. I also want the American black duck to be changed to the American BROWN duck.
  6. European robin should be changed to European Flycatcher, if you ask me. Also, the brown backed solitaire should be the brown WINGED solitaire.
  7. Around evening (in my dream, that is), I was in my driveway when I saw a silhouette of a large woodpecker (you know where this is going) and it flew to my backyard tree. It was a male IBWO, and I ran to get my camera but it flew away by the time I got back outside. I saw it again at night, (got a very bad unidentifiable photo) but my dream ended with me being stung by a bee. Here is some field notes:
  8. Biorxiv.org, Photo taken on October, 14, 2021 in Louisiana.
  9. I used old photo restoration on this photo of a supposed IBWO. Does this look like one? (I also uploaded this to the extinct, critically endangered and endangered topic)
  10. I used old photo restoration on a supposed photo of an ivory bill. I notice a white stripe on the neck… 🫤
  11. Hooray! A lifer! Thanks. I got a photo of one at an aviary though:
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