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  1. Thank you for your help with this ID!
  2. Seen last week in Hope Valley, Alpine County, CA. I'm leaning Hammond's due to what I perceive as long primaries. Thanks for your help.
  3. Did Tony post something and then delete it?
  4. Those look like fairly long primary projections to me, but your mileage may vary. Seen at Mid Hills Campground in Mojave National Preserve (5600 ft), where Hammond's is the slightly more common species reported.
  5. Yep, it's a Juniper Titmouse, all right. But the bill fooled me, too. Seems too long and pointy, like a warbler bill. And where's the crest?
  6. And still better than any of the contemporary stuff today...
  7. I saw this bird yesterday in Mojave National Preserve (CA). I didn't know what it was in the field, and after looking at photos, I still don't. Many species in this high desert habitat I'm less familiar with, but I wasn't expecting to get stumped like this. Small, completely gray and white bird with no wingbars, foraging on a juniper tree at 5600 feet. I'm sure it's something obvious. Lucy's Warbler, maybe?
  8. (bump) Would like to hear from others about this. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, Tony. Would you agree that a pale iris rules out California and Western, though? My thoughts are that the pale iris, dark mantle and general size rules out all other species that would be in this location.
  10. An adult LBBG has been reported at the Alviso Salt Ponds (Santa Clara County, CA). I searched today, and believe I found it. However, it was far away, so my photo isn't very good. It also does not show the pale iris, which I was able to see through my scope. The mantle on this bird was clearly darker than the many California Gulls around. The gull to the right is a Herring Gull for size comparison. Hoping this photo might be diagnostic enough for a confirmation. Thank you.
  11. Seen yesterday in San Jose, CA. Confirmations appreciated.
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