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  1. That makes sense. I also need to learn which parts help with identification.
  2. Here are two more photos. I am new here and didn't want to just flood the site with billions of useless photos. But these two (if I'm following the conversation correctly) might show the patagial marks. (These were the next to frames shot in the sequence. The next two are too fuzzy to be of any use I'm sure.)
  3. Hi Guys... I *think* I never got any email notices. I might have something set up wrong. So... I just came to check and noticed all the input. Wow! I'll go through them and see if I have any more questions. Thank you to all
  4. Taken this morning (March 30, 2023) around 7:30. I was at Sea Rim State Park (Texas) which is basically Port Arthur, Texas. He was (obviously) sitting on a telephone pole by the road. My guess is it is a juvenile Broad-winged Hawk but the whiteish face gives me doubt. I don't know what's wrong with its back feathers. It was on the coast so it was pretty windy and I'm guessing that is what caused his back feathers to be so out of place. Also, if you would be so kind: explain to me what particular features helped you to identify the bird.
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