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  1. These are complicated issues for sure. As far as feeding birds, I think one big difference between that and feeding other wildlife is that in the case of other animals feeding them very often endangers the animals and/or humans. Feeding bears makes them habituated to people and more likely to attack them or vandalize their property, which then causes them to need to be euthanized. Similar situation for other animals. Feeding squirrels and raccoons could also increase the spread of rabies to humans and domestic animals. Feeding some animals may allow them to reproduce and thrive beyond what the environment supports. We people are going to have an impact on the environment and wild animals; it's simply impossible to avoid, and probably not a good goal anyway. We are another species that lives on Earth and we have the right to meet our needs too. We can have positive as well as negative effects on other species. If we discourage people from visiting wild areas they won't tend to be as protected; mostly people don't want to preserve wild areas to keep people out of them, but to be able to visit them. If we don't interact with wildlife to some extent we won't be motivated to protect and preserve it. I guess finding the balance is the key here. If we feed birds we need to be responsible about it, feed appropriate food, keep the feeders clean, etc. If we go out to look at birds we need to do our best to not disturb them. Everyone's answer to how to do that will be different, but it's worth discussing and trying to reach the balance; but it's kind of like all of life - you struggle to reach the goal knowing you'll never be finished with it.
  2. I'm not sure which species you get there, but this looks fine for a Ruby-Throated to me. I'd say immature male because of the apparent few irridescent feathers near the gorget.
  3. So you think you can paint herps better than birds? I guess we all have to sign up for painting classes with @The Bird Nuts!
  4. OK; and I recall reading or hearing somewhere that those birds are not found here, so there's no real reason it should call out birds. And that also makes me less comfortable with using pishing, since it seems more clear that it is probably harrassing the birds.
  5. I have a vauge memory that pishing is meant to immitate the distress call of a bird species that isn't found here; but I don't remember the details and I could be wrong, and it doesn't stop people from trying to use it here.
  6. The thing is, I've never seen pishing work. I've heard that it applies to species that we don't have here - I don't remember the details. I don't use it myself, but I've been with others who do and I've never seen it attract a bird. I know one birder who uses a mob recording, that includes a horse "song", and I haven't seen evidence that works either. I do however support the advice Bill Thompson, may he rest in peace, always gave - always pish before you go birding.
  7. I am concerned about this sort of thing. Like pishing and playbacks - I often hear the advice to use them in moderation. My thought on that is: if I use playback in moderation and 100 other birders also use playback in moderation then it's not so much moderation anymore. And I don't really agree that if we already bother the birds a lot it means it's OK to bother them even more. When we bird in protected or seculded areas I think it's an even greater factor; the birds have some respite from passing cars and such there, and I'm not sure that adding something similar there is ethical. (I should point out that I hope and expect us birders to hold ourselves to higher standards in such matters than the general public.) Having said that, I don't know for sure if flushing birds out like that has a negative impact on them. I assume similar things happen in nature with predators, falling trees, etc.; but I don't know of any research into how humans flushing them affects them (like have been done with playbacks). I've only used this technique once, with a group of six people, on private property that isn't birded regularly by other birders; it was during a Christmas bird count, and we lined up and walked through a field where Ocellated Quail were known to hang out so we could try to count them. Once we flushed out a group of them we stopped. But I think that's an unusual situation.
  8. You stole my joke! (Actually I was going to refer to the emperor's new photo...)
  9. Rita; it seems like when someone has tried to post a photo their avatar disappears, along with the unsuccessfully posted photo. Did not happen with @Charlie Spencer but it did for several previous posters.
  10. It seems like anyone who posts that they can't see photos, I can't see theirs! Anyway the programmers are asking for support because they don't know what's wrong. Sorry and thanks for your patience.
  11. Seattle's profile pic doesn't show for me either, and it shows as 0 bytes; but I can still see the other pictures (including @lonestranger's). It seems like something is going wrong; I'll report it. (I'm on a Windows laptop with Chrome.)
  12. Everything else looks normal to me too. @BobInSwamp, can you try uploading your profile picture again? It seems to be messing with the thread titles too. Update: I checked and your profile photo showed as 0 bytes, so I removed it and that fixed the thread titles. Try uploading the profile pic again; make sure it's the right format. Your Bufflehead pics didn't upload correctly either, so try those again too.
  13. That is the number of times you have posted; it has nothing to do with the combined size of photos you've uploaded.
  14. Ah, that makes sense. I tried to find it in edit mode on @BigOly's post but that didn't work either. I thought it used to appear when you uploaded a photo.
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