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  1. Yes, sorry about the banning! We're trying to figure out what went wrong there, but glad you came back! Your bird definitely seems to be changing plumage; it gives me Lesser vibes but I don't see Americans here so wait for more help! (That one iNaturalist ID is a bit less than helpful... )
  2. Your link doesn't work. Can you post a photo and/or description of the bird? Include date and location (approximate for both is OK).
  3. If using a laser pointer I think it's very important to explain to the group that it should be directed near, but NEVER ON the bird. I can imagine over-eager beginners misusing it after seeing a guide use it.
  4. By popular demand, we now have a new sub-forum in the General Birding Topics category for games. I moved some threads there like the BIRDL and the guessing game, but let me or @Kevin know if any others need to be moved. We're hoping this will make it a bit easier to find new content in the General Birding Topics sub-forum without the games always at the top.
  5. I agree; I never rely on Merlin only for IDs. Merlin "hears" enough impossible species here I would never take it as a sole authority. Wow! I guess the good thing is they say so, and that way a serious birder or recsearcher will know not to count on the ID.
  6. Could you make it a PDF and offer to send it eletronically to anyone who's interested? If possible it would even be good to send it when they sign up (if that's done in advance).
  7. I agree with this. I've been a group leader on Christmas Bird Counts; I'm not the best at IDs, especially by ear, but I am good at keeping records and managing the group. Totally agree with trying to let everyone see the birds! And the group size. I once participated in a Christmas count with groups of 10-12 people, way too much in my opinion. I consider 4 or 5 to be ideal. A beginner's walk is different, but I think 10 is a good number for that too. May I gently suggest that you do your best to let the accurate listkeeping go this time! Or you could make a voice recorded list on your phone... Also you can show anyone who's interested how you're keeping the list, to teach them that too.
  8. I should perhaps add that when I was a brand-new birder my sister found WhatBird and sent me here. She was very impressed that members here took my House Sparrows seriously and helped me to ID them, even though they are "trash birds". That's part of why I have always appreciated my WhatBird birding buddies!
  9. I'm sorry; I forgot to respond (although it may take us a while, since we mods are volunteers here and we have other things going on too). I don't know why this is happening, but perhaps @rita can shed some light?
  10. I was a teen but I always thought it was funny!
  11. I am basing this on what I appreciated on my first group birding excursions as a beginner. The group leader explained the basics of birding and counting techniques (the first time I birded with other people was on Christmas bird counts), of course politely but firmly. I appreciated knowing how to behave - keeping quiet, not bothering the birds, etc. Now of course I was very much interested in continuing to bird, so you might need to be a bit more low-key with people who are just exploring and not necessarily committed yet. I think it also helps to get excited with the newbies when they see the common or easy to spot birds, and use them as an opportunity to point out key field marks and behaviors. The leaders also gave me tips about proper binocular use on the go. Try not to talk over their heads but also provide your knowledge and expertise. I definitely agree with having someone else do the e-bird list if possible, and I'd also suggest either putting photography in low priority or having someone else take pictures. I think it can really detract from properly guiding the group, and make it seem like you're not paying attention to them. When I've been in groups with beginners now that I'm more experienced sometimes they will kind of sidle up to me to ask questions; I think being approachable and patient with the questions that are very basic and simple to us goes a very long way to helping beginners to feel like part of the group.
  12. I very often get WhatBird results with all kinds of bird-related Google searches, and I know a lot of other people find their way here that way too.
  13. Looks good to me too, but I'm not familiar with all of the US flycatchers so wait for confirmation.
  14. We were all beginners once, and nothing is obvious until you know it. Feel free to ask any questions; we have a lot of members who love helping new birders to learn.
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