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  1. For flying birds, especially unusual ones, we record the exact time and direction of travel, and GPS coordinates, to be sure we aren't counting them twice. So if one group sees two Scarlet Macaws flying east to west and another group to the west sees two just afterwards, we assume it's the same two Macaws and don't count them again. Also these kinds of adjustments don't always happen on the count day or right afterwards; the organizers have to study and clean up the data, and sometimes decisions about conflicted species IDs, rare birds, and possible double counts are made much later. I've never done a CBC alone, but sometimes I've been on count teams that are too big, in my opinion - more than 4 or 5 I think complicates things. The planners always try to put together teams that include someone very knowledgeable about count methods as team leader, someone very familiar with the area and skilled with IDing by sight and ear, and if possible someone with a good camera to document rare or difficult-to-identify species. They try to spread the beginners out so there is one or two at most per team. I was chosen as a team leader in one count this year (2022-23) and I was honored. I have been the record-keeper many times.
  2. On all the counts I have participated in everyone is expected to count only in their assigned area. If you happen to see something rare or unusual in another count area you can record it in case the group covering that area didn't see it; but if the official group saw the species the other sighting isn't recorded for the CBC, even if the numbers were different. (Of course you can add anything like this to your personal eBird checklist, you just wouldn't share it with the count.) There are VERY specific instructions to be followed for CBC's and it's important to follow them exactly to preserve the scientific validity of the data. Also, running a CBC requires a major committment of time and effort. I believe you have to commit to at least 5 consecutive counts, and the expectation is that they will continue indefinitely, because the information is only valuable if it's collected each year. There is a lot of work necessary both before and after the count to register and submit the data. It takes a lot of dedication and work well beyond the fun of going out on the count day.
  3. Me too; but we're better people for the effort. There are appropriate situations for that but this isn't one of them.
  4. What, you think I have that much free time? LOL!!!
  5. Wow! It seems like you can't win. If someone is trying to be respectful (and not snarky) I will never have any objections to that. We are all different ages and from different backgrounds here, and I think some tolerance for variation in what feels kind, appropriate, and respectful is in order. And I don't think it's reasonable to expect everyone to follow your non-standard preferences in a forum like this! (I definitely have been referred to as "mister" and didn't appreciate that; but I never take offense if someone calls me Miss, Ma'am, Señora, or Doña. In fleeting interactions it just doesn't matter, and again it's just someone trying to be polite. In long-term relationships there's plenty of opportnity to make your preferences known.)
  6. I'm a Wrentit (although some of the categories were seriously deficient in answers, like the music and vacation options). Are there any other options LOL?
  7. Another teachable moment - Some time ago we had a discussion about this and decided that posters can decide whether to put their Central American and Carribbean birds in North America or outside N.A. Since the OP knowingly chose to post here we won't move it. And again the reason for having separate sub-forums is because the non-N.A. posts tend to get buried and can go unanswered in the N.A. sub-forum because it's much more active. Also people who only know N.A. birds can focus on them in the N.A. sub-forum.
  8. They can be anytime from December 15 to January 5 every year. I have two this week.
  9. But it used to always change Flicker to Flickr. I don't recall it doing that recently, though.
  10. It was borderline but since there were some people who were uncomfortable we thought it better to change it. Don't worry about it; it's all fine.
  11. Mine changes actual words too, but it also has trouble figuring out whether I'm writing in English or Spanish so that could be part of it.
  12. It's OK! I edited your post and the post that quoted it. It happens (although I also am a bit surprised autocorrect did that too...)
  13. We've changed the title of your thread as some found it to be inappropriate. Great photos!
  14. White-Eared Hummingbirds hanging out at the bar outside my window 😄
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