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  1. (Do I need to feel guilty for having derailed this thread?)
  2. Oh, you're right! I'm so sorry. The one with the great tail is the Great-Tailed Grackle, and the one with the red tail is the Red-Tailed Hawk.
  3. Red-Tailed Hawk and Great-Tailed Grackle. It's a tricky differential ID; notice the difference in the tails.
  4. I forgot to say anyone with long hair will appreciate an extra ponytail holder in the backpack or on your wrist.
  5. Great idea! One of my nephews used to make paracord bracelets when he was a kid (now he makes gorgeous handcrafted wood products). They were braided with a clip fastener, rustic and appropriate for men and women. The idea was that you could undo the bracelet when a piece of paracord was just the thing you needed!
  6. Wow! Most of my big birding adventures are at LEAST 8 hours. Water is probably first priority for me; depending on whether you'll have options for refills. I always have my 2-liter hydration bag in my backpack, and often a couple of liters more too. Snacks - portable, not crush-able, won't melt in the sun if applicable, and easy to grab and eat, and put down when the rarity comes by as soon as you open your ziplock bag of chocolate chips in one hand while inserting them in your mouth with the other; you drop bag and grab binoculars, bye-bye chocolate chips. Many people here prefer granola bars - eat them in the package so you can stick them in your pocket quickly when the Harpy Eagle shows up - but I find them too sweet and cloying. I've brought peanuts in a small drink container with a flip-open lid. If you're going to stop to buy meals, that sort of thing is enough; otherwise sturdy sandwiches without too much goopy dressing and such are good options for meals on the trail. Fruit - apples or oranges are much better than bananas, which WILL get squashed and turn brown in your backpack. Whatever clothing you might need (protection from rain, cold, and sun). Some simple binocular cleaning supplies. Small phone charger battery and cable. Plastic bag for storing any trash you produce. A few wet wipes in a ziplock bag. A bandana - serves as a napkin, hand towel, bandage, etc. as needed. Simple first aid supplies - alcohol wipes, a few band-aids, maybe a small tube (or if available there, a tiny tin) of anitbiotic ointment.
  7. It shows complete on my laptop (I almost never use WhatBird on my phone).
  8. My understanding is that in a case like this you'd do new lists after 1-1.5 hours, as eBird prefers shorter times for lists. The people I bird with tend to use that guideline, in additon to starting a new list when you move to a different location or type of environment.
  9. My view on "moderation" - I can pish, playback, etc. in moderation; but I don't know how many other birders are doing the same. Moderation X lots of birders isn't so moderate. Most of the CBCs here don't allow playbacks. I tend not to use them. I get especially annoyed when people use them for gratuitious reasons - like once when the tanager was right there in plain sight, everyone saw it, and someone wanted to play the call to get it to vocalize. And, with my apologies, I personally don't support the idea of using a playback to get a good photo either.
  10. OK; I had to look it up. It is in fact Linc, and the forgettable guy was Pete. Score one for old brains!
  11. For you young 'uns, The Mod Squad was about an undercover team of three young hippie types, Julie, Link(c), and the forgettable one - I think he was Pete? They ran around looking cool and solving crimes by working undercover as cool teens.
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