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  1. Hi! This site is for birders - people who like to watch and observe wild birds. I'd suggest that you look for a site devoted to pet birds and ask your question there. -Moderator
  2. I think we need to send @Johnd back to kindergarten to learn the alphabet 😄😅🤣
  3. Can you spot the Spotted Sandpiper? (And no, it doesn't come that way this time of year...)
  4. Wouldn't that be more appropriate for breakfast? 😜
  5. Seems like it's probably an ex-friend! (Do you know what it is?)
  6. Thanks for letting me know. I almost never use the forums on my phone and never log out on the computer 😄 I'll report it. I can't get in on my phone either.
  7. Ok! I unpinned but left it recommended. It looks to me like it will drop down if there are no more replies.
  8. OK I reported the problem. Looks like it affects posts from the last 6 hours or so?
  9. Hey, that burn was ages ago, long since healed over and covered with asbestos 😄
  10. Tempting me to misuse my mod powers again???
  11. Of course! Nobody had asked before 😄
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