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  1. The yellow extending to the underside of the tail is also indicative of Yellow Warbler. And female Wilson's don't always have a visible cap.
  2. Welcome to the forums! In addition to describing the pattern of the black and white, can you tell us more about the behavior? Do they fly most of the time or walk on the ground? Can you describe the size and shape of the beak and tail?
  3. I was very surprised that we found Black-and-White Warbler, Tennessee Warbler, and American Redstart on the Global Big Day count yesterday. Maybe they can't read the calendars in Spanish??🙄
  4. Welcome to WhatBird! In addition to the comments about how hard it is to judge size (we've all been burned by that), birders measure bird length starting at the tip of the beak and ending at the tip of the tail. If you're thinking of the size of just the body you'll get a much smaller number. Can you remember anything else about the bird, like its general shape, size and shape of the bll and tail, and behavior? Where did you see it? What was it doing? How did it walk, fly, or hover? Did it make a noise?
  5. When I can travel for birding again I will keep my eyes peeled!
  6. Welcome to WhatBird! I agree with White-Crowned Sparrow. Maybe someday I'll get to see one!
  7. You can edit your photos posts for a brief time after posting but not after that initial few minutes. Adding another post like you did is fine, or if you need the actual post edited you can tag me or send me a private message and I can do it for you. EDIT: Sorry I wrote "photos" but I meant you can edit your POSTS for a short time!
  8. There is an article at the top of the North American ID forum with advice. The birds probably aren't eating because they are too young to eat for themselves, and need a parent to feed them. The best thing to do would be to put them back where you found them and try to keep cats and other threats away. Probably the parent or parents are nearby and will feed the birds. Trying to raise them yourself is very unlikely to be successful, and is illegal in some places. I don't know what the situation is in Jordan but in some places there are government organizations that take care of wildli
  9. There's still time - It's only been half a day, which was during the night in the areas most WhatBirders live in. Reporting spam posts means there is no need to reply to them and fill up the thread; when I get to it/wake up I can deal with them behind the scenes. A report is also convenient for me because the platform provides a bunch of useful options for me in the report so I can deal with them efficiently; this is especially true when one user posts in several threads. I also don't have any experience with Dowitchers, but WhatBirders will be waking up and coming home from early-A
  10. Spammer has been taken care of. My thanks to those who reported the posts!
  11. Well, that would actually be an orange crowned Yellow Warbler. Maybe someday I'll be able to go back to the mangroves and try to see one!
  12. But... It's in Orange... if we put a crown on it, won't it be an Orange crowned Yellow Warbler?
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