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  1. You get a message from the moderator explaining the reason for the points. They can be set as permanent or to expire after a time specified by the moderator, or as I said the moderators can remove them. Other consequences are separate - post moderation, banned from posting, and blocked from the site - and are decided on a case-by-case basis. I did check and your warning points are not displayed to other users; only you and the mods/admins can see them.
  2. Moderators can assign warning points if you are a bad boy! I'm pretty sure they aren't visible to other users. If you like I can give you some so you can see how it works (they can be removed later).
  3. Yellow-Rumped Warbler coyly covering its rump? (Seriously: Maybe a young American Redstart? I have a feeling I'm totally off base here...)
  4. My thought was also that you're hitting them at their peak migration. There are certainly places - yes, as specific as individual trees - where I can always find them in the season when they're here. There's a shopping center in my city that has a row of flowering trees and this time of year they're always loaded with hummingbirds and Tennessee Warblers (plus some other kinds of warblers too).
  5. Sorry! They hang around here all winter, pigging out on nectar.
  6. They've been here in Guatemala for at least three weeks.
  7. Yes, bunting makes sense too! And welcome to WhatBird.
  8. That bill looks more like a tanager than a flycatcher to me, but I'll leave it in the hands of the experts!
  9. Well, this is not a good example of it not meaning much. If anyone deserves it it's @The Bird Nuts. Congratulations! 🎉🐦
  10. @PalmWarblerAt the top of the page on the right-hand side you can click two boxes for expanded view or condensed view. You must have chosen the expanded view.
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