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  1. Aveschapines

    Songbird in South TX

    Western Tanager was my first impression too. The double wingbars fit, and there seems to be yellow in one and a bit of reddish color around the face.
  2. Aveschapines

    Alphabet Birds

    Tricolored Heron
  3. Aveschapines

    Alphabet Birds

    Red-Capped Mannakin
  4. Aveschapines

    Alphabet Birds

    Pied-Billed Grebe
  5. Aveschapines

    Alphabet Birds

    Neotropic Cormorants (with some other friends)
  6. Aveschapines

    Alphabet Birds

    Lesser Scaup
  7. Aveschapines

    Alphabet Birds

    Inca Doves (not Indigo Bunting) -- FINALLY got the picture to work!
  8. Aveschapines

    Yellow-Bellied Sap Sucker?

    That white stripe on the edge of the wing is a helpful field mark. Congratulations!
  9. Aveschapines

    Please help with one more ID

    You're welcome to post your photos for ID here; no need to apologize!
  10. Aveschapines

    need help with ID

    I wish I could see the head better (any more photos?) but my impression is a No-Tailed Grackle, i.e., a Great-Tailed that has molted its tail; they do that once a year, and run around looking like scrawny black chickens until they grow back in. However, here at least, they all drop tail in September. I guess it could have lost its tail in a fight or something, though.
  11. I just noticed the last part of your post 😄 I love squirrel cuckoos; they are adorable (just look at that face!) and the colors are beautiful. They are also loud and boisterous; they thunk along the branches causing great shaking and rustling, and you think it must be a monkey or something up there, and it's just a bird LOL! I've heard they get their name because their undulating movements along the branches are reminiscent of a squirrel.
  12. Or eating from a feeder...
  13. Aveschapines

    Panama Hummingbirds

    The one facing forward in the third photo looks good (but I'm not familiar with Panama hummers so don't know if there are other similar ones there), but not the others. The "white neck" is in the back at the nape.
  14. Try parking yourself as close to the feeder as possible (outside with them, not through a window) with your phone in position to get a photo. If you have a friend with a camera to help you that would be good too; it's hard to get bird photos with a phone.
  15. Magnificent was split into Rivoli´s and Talamanca; Talamanca is the species in Costa Rica, so I'm sure that's why eBird wouldn't let you call it a Rivoli's. Here is an article about spilts; this one is the first one, starting in the second paragraph: eBird article on recent splits and changes. It looks good to me too, a little pale on the underside but the article says that's normal for Talamanca. Turquoise throat and purple crown fit exactly, as do the white postocular spot and bill. I see them (Rivoli's) fluff their crown feathers on a regular basis, too. If you list it on eBird add your photo, or send it to the reviewer if they ask for more details again.