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  1. My immediate reaction was to see what kind of Violetears you have in Bogotá - we have Mexican (formerly Green) here!
  2. OK, folks, the original question has been answered and rational explanations of House Sparrows' status have been given and understood. I don't think any further sarcasm will add to the discussion, so I'm going to lock it.
  3. Agree with House Sparrow. It's pretty common to see them inside buildings here.
  4. Also - I don't remember if this has been mentioned - you can effectively mark a thread as read by opening the last post (you don't have to go through all of the pages).
  5. For me it's at the top of the page - maybe different on a phone? (I'm on a computer.)
  6. The mistake in @The Bird Nuts' post has been corrected.
  7. I meant your suggestion to remove everything in brakcets; that's how I got the photo to post.
  8. I locked it; I'm not going to delete because not all the posts are yours.
  9. Seems like there's a different procedure for Flickr - @The Bird Nuts explained it here.
  10. Makes about as much sense as the current system, since it just counts reactions (doesn't matter how many posts you have or what the reactions are...)
  11. I believe that @The Bird Nutsfigured out that it was after 500 posts.
  12. Welcome to WhatBird @Caley Thomas! And thanks for your kind words. WhatBird was my first birding buddies when I started noticing birds after getting cataract surgery and being able to see well without correction for the first time in my life. I didn't know anyone else locally who birded and my sister led me here. I got such a warm welcome and patient help even though I was struggling to ID House Sparrows and such! So I'll add my thanks to the WhatBird community.
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