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  1. Hi! This site is for people who enjoy looking at and identifying wild birds. We don't offer support for pet bird owners. I'd recommend looking for a website devoted to pet birds (there are a lot of them out there!). I'm going to lock this topic now because it is off-topic for this forum. Hope your bird feels better soon.
  2. Don't worry about it; it happens! You can tag me or send me a message and I'm glad to fix it.
  3. I merged the two threads for this photo.
  4. OK; Sacatepéquez is much lower elevation and in range for Spot-breasted. (It's possible you have your volcanoes confused, or weren't as close as you thought. There are a LOT of named volcanoes here.) And I agree the new photos are all Altamiras.
  5. Hm, that's here in the highlands, unless you were on the southern slope - were you up in the mountains or near the coast? But I don't see what else the ones with the spots could be. Bill color and wing pattern both fit. I checked the new Peterson's and it says to check the wings to distinguish the immature Altamiras and Spot-breasted but you can't see the wings on the birds in question.
  6. They look more like Altamiras to me too, as well as the first photo. I don't see Spot-breasted often though. Important: where in Guatemala did you see them? Spot-breasted have a fairly limited range. According to Howell and Webb even immature Spot-breasted should usually have some visible spotting on the sides of the breast. Altamiras in southern Guatemala are usually more yellow than orange. Size is pretty similar so not sure how much that helps...
  7. Thanks! I should have kept reading before I posted...
  8. Oops, sorry! I should be asking @Bird-Boys - can I delete the other thread (just a duplicate of your first post here)? And sorry for the delay; my internet was out all day yesterday 😞
  9. Agree, although I see Mexican Violetear and Rivoli's Hummingbird here. Your pic is also a great size comparison shot for the two!
  10. Nobody has responded to the other one, so I locked it; do you really want me to merge, or should I just delete the other one (duplicate of your first post)?
  11. Common and Ruddy Ground Dove are smaller and have much shorter tails.
  12. YES!! Can't you tell by looking? I'm a she, an old lady with long white hair. Sometimes kind of purplish... and I'm six feet tall, so I can see how you got confused LOL! 😁
  13. If you are facing north, east is on the right and west is on the left 😜
  14. As long as I keep getting called the greatest moderator ever I'm OK with it 👍
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