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  1. Are you referring to this thread? I don't see anything unusual there. I'm guessing that perhaps your internet was briefly interrupted. What happens if you try to respond again? Just to add a detail: if you click on "quote" that attaches a copy of the post you're on to your reply; in that case the post you're replying to does turn gray. So if you were replying with quote to your original post that was normal, but it doesn't affect the original post.
  2. OK; I'm going to be honest here. The two threads do seem different to me, and I also feel like intervening in this is approaching micro-managing. I don't really see where confusion is going to be a problem... but someone can enlighten me if I'm missing something. Merging duplicate threads is very different from deciding that two different threads with different premises (pairs of birds vs highlighting sexual dimorphism in this case) should be made into a single thread. Meanwhile if the original posters want things merged I can do that, and they can also change thread titles. So for the moment
  3. Everything looks normal for me, on a laptop... Have you tried clearing your cache and restarting your device?
  4. I guess you got a little overly excited about the new sub-forum LOL!
  5. Oh, yeah, I would still give any wild snake plenty of social distance LOL! But whenever I see one of these, even on TV, I check to see if it's red-on-black or red-on-yellow. I always figure if I should get bitten I'd try to take a photo of the snake. I grew up in Maryland and my dad taught us to look for the head shape and pits behind the eyes if we ever got bitten so we could help identify whether the snake was venemous or not. Also to check before stepping over fallen logs or rocks. I love snakes, though, and whenever I get a chance to do so safely I love to see and touch them!
  6. People here say a rhyme: "Red on black, (not poisonous - I forget exactly how this part goes but it ends with Jack); red on yellow, kills a fellow!"
  7. I see no need to lock it. (By the way, there was also no need to tag me again. I saw your post the first time.)
  8. - Try to identify birds yourself before always asking for help from experienced birders. The exercise of studying the bird and its different features (size and shape, bill, color patterns, tail shape and length, behavior, etc.) will sharpen your ID skills much more than having someone else tell you what a bird is. If someone else does help you with the ID go back to your guide and the bird or your photos/notes and see for yourself what confirms the ID. - If you like to photograph birds, don't sacrifice field observation for a photo. Try to watch the bird as much as possible and make gett
  9. "Photograph of a Cedar Waxwing"? It's beautiful!
  10. @Ross Robinson I moved your post and the responses here. Please start a new thread when you need an ID, and go back and read the first post in the thread you posted in before for lots of other help with posting for ID requests. Welcome to WhatBird!
  11. I use "like" in the ID forums to indicate that I agree with the ID but don't have anything else to add. In other posts, I use funny and thank you again when that's all I need to say. Funny means I found your post amusing. I'll use sad occasionally if someone posts something upsetting and I want to offer a tiny bit of support. Otherwise I like posts if I like them. I really don't give it a lot of thought beyond that; it doesn't really mean that much in the end. I rarely use the confused reaction, except perhaps occasionally for humor. If I'm confused I'll usually want to answer ask a question.
  12. I was fascinated by the camouflage on this butterfly in Petén: And no birding trip to the Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas in Petén is complete without at least one Morelet's Crocodile:
  13. Please remember, everyone, that this is a brand new sub-forum. I expect it will take a while for people to find it and get used to it. And also please review the rules and refrain from personal attacks in the forums. If you feel a post is inappropriate for any reason you can report it. Posting in the wrong sub-forum is a very minor issue that I can easily fix if someone tells me about it (since I don't always read every post).
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