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  1. Please, that's "old fogies"! And invading your forum is much more fun 😄 We barely kept that thread alive... Quick, how old am I? @Bird Brain? @lonestranger?
  2. So you're x years younger than me, and 3x years younger than @Bird Brain. It's all a matter of how long you've been in your current decade, young man! (Wait till the young birders find out we'll be grading them on this...😅
  3. Yeah, I'm ten years younger than @Bird Brain but somehow his formula makes me only six months younger 😞 😭
  4. Maintenance was done; looks like everything is fine now... Let me know if there are more problems.
  5. Thanks for the reports. I notified the administrator. I'm getting http error 500 when I try to do these things.
  6. I'm getting a Northern Mockingbird vibe here.
  7. Welcome! Drag the photo to the bottom of the edit box (near the paper clip icon) or click on "choose files" and find the file and click on it. You may have to scroll down a bit to find these options.
  8. Yes, absolutely! Just read through the two ID forums (North American and everywhere else) and jump in when you can help.
  9. Oh my, yes, I mislabeled that photo. Here's a White-Tailed; I still see the face as being quite different:
  10. I'm always amazed at how different they are here...
  11. Are they stuffed, or a sculpture?
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