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  1. Got the first Wilson's Warbler of the season today! I've been seeing Yellow Warblers regularly for a week or so.
  2. I forgot to welcome you to WhatBird. Thanks to @DLecy for posting the informative article. I hope you can convince them to put the stickers back and avoid having to change the name of the building!
  3. Sad irony here... It could be window strikes; that's a common cause of bird fatalities, and it's migration season so there may be more of some species around. Birds don't recognize that glass is transparent and will fly into a window or glass wall because they think it's an open space.
  4. No need to tenth the Redstart; they can build their own nests.
  5. I just saw my first Yellow Warbler of the season 😄
  6. I joined in 2010 when I was a baby birder. I had had cataract surgery and could see well without glasses for the first time in my life. That led to testing my eyesight - I can see that flower! I can see the leaves on the trees! Hey, what's that bird on that branch? My sister found the WhatBird site and sent me to it and everybody was very patient and kind helping me to identify my House Sparrows. For years WhatBirders were my only birding buddies!
  7. Yes, a lot of people seem not to have come back. I don't really remember what made me check back; after some months I was sure it was gone for good. By the way, on the old site crashes that left the site offline for days or weeks were unfortunately common. It's much more stable now.
  8. My family never had a color TV until I was out of college! Everything on TV was black and white when I was a kid. Newspapers were also black and white - no color photos or ads!
  9. You'll understand in about 50 years LOL!
  10. Do you still need me, do you still feed me?
  11. No problem! I suppose I should be flattered that you think I am capable of doing such things...😜
  12. Um, forever? I have nothing to do with the site design. The site uses a pre-fab site design (I don't even have the vocabulary to describe what would have to happen much less do it...) and the programmers also can't change how things work beyond some user-controllable options. So I guess the point is not convincing me that we need this but accepting that I can't do anything about it! I think we need a "sad" icon that doesn't look like "confused, disgusted, and about to throw up" but that's not going to change anytime soon either.
  13. And you can't even blame it on old age! 😛
  14. Welcome to WhatBird! Don't forget to look at female American Goldfinch too. And the round like a plum effect can be because the bird is fluffed up to rest or keep warm. If you saw it moving around a lot and it still looked round all the time that's a better indicator. Keep posting your birds! It's often helpful to observe things like the size and shape of the bill, the color of the feet and legs, and the length and shape of the tail. Behavior and what the bird is eating can also provide very helpful clues!
  15. No problem, I figured that, but I'm afraid the joke went right over my head LOL!
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