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  1. Welcome to the forum! Try dragging the photo directly into the comment box.
  2. Rubber chicken? No...it looks like a meadowlark to me.
  3. The bird in the second photo looks good for a Purple. Are you sure they're the same bird?
  4. Could it be a squirrel? My dog barked at it, so it made me wonder...😄 It might help to know the habitat and the height at which the call was coming from.
  5. The file you uploaded here does not appear to be a .wav. Can you try again? You can just drag the file directly into your post.
  6. I agree with Cooper's Hawk (tubular body, eyes toward front of head, sturdy feet). Goshawks have gray barring not orange.
  7. I don't think so. Those are feathers and they're the same color as a Chipping Sparrow's crown.
  8. It looks similar to a honeyeater. Grackles don't have thin, downcurved bills. Definitely not an Ontario bird.
  9. I don't know enough about owls to answer your question, but there's also the issue of people using camera flash in the owls' sensitive eyes.
  10. There is no option for 100-150. 🙂 I'm boring and I don't travel much and I don't really keep track, but on eBird I have 124.
  11. Maybe the goldfinches aren't coming because the Nyjer has dried out? Nyjer (which, by the way, is not thistle seed) dries out and goes bad very quickly, so you can't buy it in large quantities and it can't stay out in the feeder long. I have heard some brands are better and fresher than others. I read good reviews of Lyric Nyjer, so I tried it and actually had some success, but the goldfinches seemed to like the BOSS just as much.
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