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  1. Immature White-crowned and Lincoln's Sparrows.
  2. Thanks, akandula. I can see now that the light spot on the face is not an eyering. I also thought a Ruddy would be much smaller than a Ring-necked, but I guess not!
  3. Why isn't the bird on the right in the last photo a female Ring-necked? Is it the barred flanks?
  4. Now I'm having second thoughts about the flycatcher. It has quite a bold eyering like a Least. I'm always rusty on my flycatchers at this time of year when I'm not seeing them regularly. You should've asked back when you took these photos!
  5. I think... 1. White-eyed Vireo 2. Ruby-crowned Kinglet 3. Eastern Phoebe
  6. The flycatcher looks like a Willow/Alder. I agree with Kevin on the last two.
  7. Both are indeed Swamp Sparrows. Lincoln's Sparrows have less contrast between the gray neck and the back and cheeks, and they have lighter brown crown stripes among other subtle differences.
  8. Vireos have blue feet, as Charlie has already mentioned. It is a young Golden-crowned Kinglet.
  9. Duplicate post - https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/topic/7803-request-input-little-bird-on-new-york-city-sidewalk/
  10. American Tree Sparrow (yellow lower mandible, unstreaked buff and gray underside, black central breast spot, no malar stripes, white wingbars, orange crown, eyeline, and back).
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