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  1. I think it would help a lot if you would crop the photos. Uploading them to the forum compresses them, so we cannot view them in their original size. I think #3 is a Pine and #4 is a Black-throated Green.
  2. Yes, all Hermits. Swainson's Thrushes would have buff-colored spectacles (eyering + "bridge") and Veeries don't have dark spots on their throat/breast.
  3. Looks better for a Blackpoll/Bay-breasted.
  4. No, the last bird is an Accipiter and I think it's a Sharpie (round head, pale eyebrow, straight tail tip). We would have seen the owl-like face of a Harrier in these photos. I agree with Field for the sparrow.
  5. That is indeed a Cooper's. As far as the tail goes in a perched position, notice the obviously uneven/graduated tail feathers - the outer feathers, which are in front, are the shortest. A Sharpie's tail feathers would all be closer to the same length. But the head shape (large, flat-topped and deep on Cooper's) and breast streaking (thin and clean on Cooper's) are more reliable features.
  6. Gray-cheeked/Bicknell's for me - gray face, yellow mandible, no red tones.
  7. All of them are definitely Lincoln's. Very thin breast streaking and very clean markings overall; weak malar stripe; buffy submustachial stripe; brown color not as rich as Song and there is a lot of blue-gray in the face, neck, and back.
  8. Lincoln's Sparrow with the thin streaking on buff-colored sides and unstreaked gray supercilium.
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