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  1. Yes to Cooper's for the reasons you gave. It's just too bulky for a Sharpie.
  2. The Bird Nuts

    red tailed hawk?

    Yep, looks good for a lightly-marked Red-tailed. I can barely see a faint band of streaks around its belly.
  3. The Bird Nuts

    Help with Hawk ID

    Jerry Friedman is correct! I couldn't have explained it better.
  4. The Bird Nuts

    New bird for me

    Appears to be an American Goldfinch.
  5. The Bird Nuts

    Help ID potential hybrid - Colorado

    Looks like a juvenile Dark-eyed Junco to me.
  6. The Bird Nuts

    Backyard Accipiter id

    Yes, that adult one is a Sharp-shinned as well.
  7. The Bird Nuts

    Chipping Sparrow ??

    Immature White-crowned thirded. Chipping Sparrows don't have yellow beaks and their orange crowns are more extensive.
  8. The Bird Nuts

    House or Purple?

    House Finch (white wingbar, curved culmen, brown flank streaking, no purple hue).
  9. The Bird Nuts

    Backyard Accipiter id

    I'd go with Sharp-shinned for #2 as well. The blotchy orange breast streaking also supports Sharpie.
  10. I only have experience with Black-capped, but I agree with sanderling that it looks like it has characteristics of both species (clean bib, but extensive buff color), so I'm leaning toward hybrid.
  11. The Bird Nuts


    Young Lesser Black-backs have pink legs and feet, as do many other young gulls.
  12. The Bird Nuts

    Confirm Juvenile Bald Eagle

    Did you mean to agree that it looks like it's two years old (in its third year)?
  13. The Bird Nuts

    Are these Purple Finches?

    Agreed! Also notice the raspberry-colored wingbars and streaking on the flanks of the male.
  14. The Bird Nuts

    Help Id hawk

    I agree with Rough-legged Hawk. Besides the light head you noted, the small beak, shorter, more compact body, and solid belly band also point to Rough-legged.