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  1. @Jodi Nielson Those are two different birds. The first is a young Red-shouldered and the last one you posted is an adult.
  2. The first bird appears to be a Cliff Swallow with the pale collar and slightly notched tail. The rest look good for Barn Swallows.
  3. We've been here long enough to know that the size of birds is very often completely misjudged. There once was a three-foot-tall Red-tailed Hawk, for example...
  4. I agree with Tony that it is likely something like a raven, with the yellowish color being light reflecting off of the feathers and not plumage coloration.
  5. Agree with Song Sparrow. Savannahs are more of a tan color with shorter tails and thinner pink beaks.
  6. Thanks, but I still can't see much. I think if the OP cropped the original photo it would be a little better.
  7. Pretty sure it's not a Rough-legged Hawk - they have a wide dark terminal tail band. I don't have much experience with other dark morph hawks, but I'm guessing Red-tailed based on the tail pattern.
  8. Yellow-rumped. Notice the yellow patch on the side of the breast.
  9. Yes, looks like a Runner duck, which is a domestic breed of Mallard. This one could be pure runner or be crossed with a wild Mallard or be crossed with another domestic Mallard.
  10. Welcome to the forum! That looks like a Cooper's Hawk to me.
  11. Looks like a Lucy's Warbler (notice the reddish crown).
  12. Black-capped Chickadee foraging among the willow catkins.
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