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  1. I don't see it either. Not sure if this was discussed already, but the reviewers might be able to see your exact location.
  2. You just paste the link into the comment box. It's basically automatically embedding the thread. Just like with photos, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  3. Welcome to Whatbird! Your bird is a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.
  4. Belly band + dark patagial bars = Red-tailed.
  5. That edited photo does help. I'm good with Cooper's now. I was leaning Cooper's before because of the long tail, but I couldn't see any other details.
  6. No, domestic Mallards can have white eyerings. Google Indian Runner Duck; it's one breed that I found often has eyerings. Sorry about the confusion I caused.
  7. I'm guessing the duck is an intersex Mallard. I don't see anything that suggests hybrid.
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