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  1. The Bird Nuts

    Bufflehead? or ???

    Yes, looks good for a young Harlequin.
  2. The Bird Nuts

    purple or house

    I agree with House Finch (curved upper ridge of beak, white/light brown wingbars, extensive brown streaking on flanks and belly, brownish cheek)
  3. The Bird Nuts

    Key West Question

  4. The Bird Nuts

    Red-tailed Hawk?

    Agree with Red-tailed Hawk.
  5. The Bird Nuts

    Lanceolated Warbler?

    This is a Hermit Thrush. Lanceolated Warblers, which are streakier and not as plump, are Old World Warblers and are very rarely found in North America.
  6. The Bird Nuts

    Red Billed Raven in VT?

    It is a Common Raven. Looks to me like it is just carrying something in its beak which Corvids often do.
  7. The Bird Nuts

    Swamp Sparrow ?

    Agreed. Buffy malar is typical.
  8. The Bird Nuts

    song or swamp sparrow?

    Agree with Song Sparrow. Swamps are a more orangey-brown and they have fewer, thinner streaks on the breast or they lack the streaks altogether.
  9. The Bird Nuts

    Central Ohio Bird

    Two House Finches and a Pine Siskin.
  10. 1-2. Northern Harrier (white uppertail coverts, facial disk) 3-4. Red-tailed Hawk (belly band, dark patagial bars)
  11. The Bird Nuts

    female Mallard?

    That is an American Black Duck.
  12. The Bird Nuts

    A Bird I have never seen before

    Thanks for the location. Its shape and posture looks like a bird of prey to me. How was its head shape unusual? What was its face pattern and beak shape/length?
  13. The Bird Nuts

    Sharpie or Coopers?

    Cooper's Hawk (lighter nape than cap, blocky head, small eye close to beak).
  14. The Bird Nuts

    A Bird I have never seen before

    Welcome to Whatbird! Location and date would be helpful to narrow down the species.