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  1. Welcome! This is a female/immature American Redstart, a type of warbler.
  2. Common Yellowthroat and Least Flycatcher. The Least is a young one and the yellowthroat is probably young as well.
  3. @Spyonabird Your dragonfly appears to be a Blue Dasher.
  4. Looks like a Western Tanager. Orange-crowned Warblers have thinner beaks.
  5. This is actually a Lesser Goldfinch. Sparrows tend to have blunter bills and duller colors than finches.
  6. Yeah, looks like an Eastern Wood-Pewee to me. Maybe the brown color was caused by the lighting?
  7. It looks more like a sandpiper to me with the long beak, yellow legs, and possibly barred tail. Maybe yellowlegs or Solitary?
  8. How are you ruling out immature at this time of year?
  9. It's not the right shape for a Fox Sparrow. I'm not completely sure what it is, but I think House Finch fits better.
  10. Agree with both being Songs. Savannahs also have pink beaks and tan cheeks/auriculars.
  11. I agree with House Wren. I'm thinking it is immature due to the darker coloration.
  12. That does sound like a juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird, but adult females are similar. Juveniles have noticeable mottling on the breast and pale edging on the back and wing feathers while adult females are a more uniform gray-brown color. It might be difficult to tell if it is fluffing up its feathers.
  13. All are Mallards (white in the tail, significant pale edging on feathers, orange tones in breast feathers).
  14. Common Grackle because of the big beak.
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