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  1. Yep, Chipping Sparrow. Face pattern is too bold and the bill is too small for a House Sparrow.
  2. Yeah, they're regular in Vermont. I see them more in the neighboring county. This is the earliest I've seen one.
  3. We had a lonely Snow Bunting on our driveway today. 🤔
  4. Yes to young Cooper's Hawk. I think the fluffy undertail coverts are making the tail look shorter.
  5. Birding dreams are common for me, but I don't remember them very well. I think one time I dreamt that my yard was flooded (ten or so feet deep) and I saw a King Eider floating on the water from my second floor deck. 🤣
  6. Ah, okay. I've never noticed that. It's kind of difficult to see the colors and values in these photos, though.
  7. Welcome back @Winkleman! Good to see you here.
  8. It's an Eastern Phoebe by shape (large, deep head, long tail). I don't see anything that suggests it's immature.
  9. I've seen one all alone. Don't know how deep the water was, though.
  10. I agree with @Birding Boy. The Palm Warblers' tail wagging/flicking behavior is a helpful clue to pay attention to.
  11. Head shape is helpful, but not 100% reliable. Both can have very similar head shapes depending on what the birds are doing (e.g. resting vs active).
  12. Eastern Phoebe is correct. It does look a little pale. I don't know how old it is, but juveniles have cinnamon wingbars, so it's not that young.
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