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  1. Don't tell me you're going to show up in my closet eating my Doritos!
  2. Well, our most warbler-y day was around 16 species...that, of course, is rare and included migrating warblers. The usual is probably more like 6.
  3. You might be disappointed coming from California and Boston! 😆 I'm assuming the college is in northern Vermont? We're down to one university in my area.
  4. Well...uhh...I don't like fresh seafood!
  5. Hey! Vermont is...kinda okay...for breeding warblers 'n' things...heh...
  6. Could we see an unedited photo or possibly another angle if you have it?
  7. I trust your judgement. I don't see enough of either to know their shapes.
  8. Agreed, Western Wood-Pewee and Brown-headed Cowbirds.
  9. Red-eyed. Note the very dark face pattern and the different head/bill shape.
  10. 6 is a Swainson's and 9 is a Veery for me. Please limit questions to 5 per post.
  11. Young male AMRE molting into adult plumage.
  12. The bald face is typical of grackle fledglings. Bill looks too long and thin for a Common, so I'd guess Great-tailed.
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