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  1. Looks like a Greater to me based on the sturdy bill with pale base.
  2. It's a vireo with the large-eyed appearance and thicker bill. Looks like a Warbling.
  3. My first thought was Western Meadowlark. @kozmik What was the habitat?
  4. These are House Finches. Brown-headed Cowbirds aren't as streaky (especially on the head), they have thinner wingbars, longer, straighter bills, and different proportions and are larger.
  5. Yellow Warbler is correct with the yellow undertail. Females lack the rusty streaks.
  6. Pretty much everywhere! We had one in our yard this year that did a perfect Alder Flycatcher song.
  7. Brown Thrashers are not super common, but they're more common than mockingbirds here. Seeing a mockingbird here is kind of a big deal. Weird thing is, I've only seen a few in Vermont, but they're much easier to find just a few miles across the border into New York.
  8. 1, 3, 4. Lesser Goldfinch 2. House Sparrow 5. Goldfinch, leaning Lesser, but not sure. 6. Brown-headed Cowbird
  9. Welcome to the forum! The tail pattern with the yellow on the sides makes this an American Redstart which is a type of warbler.
  10. The white balance was correct in the original (because it was sunny). I would have cropped it less. Like this: (I tried to lighten it a bit, but I don't think I like the contrast as much as your edit)
  11. Well, yes, but I tried to use correct grammar so non-southerners could understand. 😉
  12. Okay, I'll translate ( @Charlie Spencer correct me if I'm wrong): They are ducks! They are not! Oh, yes they are See the wings? Well, I'll be! They are ducks!
  13. Black-capped Chickadee is correct. Appears to be a molting adult. It does have a black cap, it just blends in with the background.
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