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  1. Kinglets are also much more compact and have larger heads.
  2. Note the light cinnamon brown upperparts and the same light brown on the spots on the throat and breast.
  3. Yep, and buffy supralorals, creating the shape of glasses.
  4. Yeah, looks like an Alder to me too, but it might be best to leave it as Traill's (which, by the way, is spelled with two L's and an apostrophe).
  5. Remember to include the date and general location in future posts.
  6. How loud was it, how often was it repeated, and where was the song coming from? Do you have a longer recording?
  7. Looks perfect for a Spotted Towhee that is hopping to another branch. I believe the white is its wing being lifted above its body and the head is the black area just to the right of the wing behind the branch.
  8. Yes, all are Swainson's Thrushes. Ovenbirds have white malars and black lateral throat stripes.
  9. Pay attention to behavior. Flycatchers sit relatively still on a perch, fly out to catch an insect, then return to a perch. Kinglets move around quickly among the branches searching for food.
  10. Just to make it clear: 1-2. Cape May 3. Another Cape May 4. Blackburnian
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