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  1. Agree with Warbling Vireo. The blue feet is a helpful vireo identifier.
  2. I was sitting on the bank of a river today when something frightened away the Louisiana Waterthrush I was watching. I soon found out what scared it...
  3. I agree. Notice the large eyes and gray undertail.
  4. This looks like a Townsend's Warbler which would be a really good bird for Ontario.
  5. American Tree Sparrow. Field Sparrows are a lighter orange.
  6. Oops, I misread the location - thought it was Gravenhurst, OR. They are juvenile Eastern Phoebes then.
  7. I don't believe Eastern Pheobes normally occur in Oregon.
  8. Welcome to the forum! Try dragging the photo directly into the comment box.
  9. Rubber chicken? No...it looks like a meadowlark to me.
  10. The bird in the second photo looks good for a Purple. Are you sure they're the same bird?
  11. Could it be a squirrel? My dog barked at it, so it made me wonder...😄 It might help to know the habitat and the height at which the call was coming from.
  12. The file you uploaded here does not appear to be a .wav. Can you try again? You can just drag the file directly into your post.
  13. I agree with Cooper's Hawk (tubular body, eyes toward front of head, sturdy feet). Goshawks have gray barring not orange.
  14. I don't think so. Those are feathers and they're the same color as a Chipping Sparrow's crown.
  15. It looks similar to a honeyeater. Grackles don't have thin, downcurved bills. Definitely not an Ontario bird.
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