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  1. Why is that? I would think they would only hide the observation if it was a sensitive rare species.
  2. "It...it was a mistake..." *Twiddles thumbs and sinks into the sand*
  3. Top birds are Rusty Blackbirds and the bottom bird is a Red-winged. The tails are much too short for grackles.
  4. Size is notoriously difficult to judge. There aren't any yellow birds that small in the U.S., and the only yellow birds that are small are warblers and goldfinches. Pine Warbler fits the habitat. I'm curious how you only saw the back when the bird was 30 feet up.
  5. Welcome to Whatbird! Knowing the date, habitat, and behavior will help us narrow down the species.
  6. Yep, a young starling molting into adult plumage. Distinctive head/beak shape and short tail. They have white spots in fresh adult plumage.
  7. Looks like all of the yellowish areas are not direct sunlight, but reflected light off the leaves.
  8. Young Dark-eyed Junco, I believe (white outer tail feathers, pale bill).
  9. I think Tony is just backing up what @Birding Boy said about how the date would make RLHA unlikely.
  10. I don't see anything that suggests this Mallard has domestic genes. Looks like a male just starting its molt into eclipse plumage. Their iridescent heads can appear blue sometimes.
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