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  1. Lincoln's Sparrow with the thin streaking on buff-colored sides and unstreaked gray supercilium.
  2. Yep, Cooper's. Long, tubular body, flat-topped head that is even with the top of the beak, sturdy feet, fierce expression, relatively clean and thin brown streaking....
  3. It's a Red-shouldered with the distinct pale barring on the secondaries and thinner pale tail bands.
  4. Yep, Northern Flicker. It is a type of woodpecker, but they prefer to forage on the ground.
  5. Both Pine Warblers and Yellow-throated Vireos lack any well-defined streaking. This is a Blackpoll Warbler.
  6. Call Ducks have a lot smaller bills than these. I agree they're more delicate-looking than the typical Pekin, but you never know what breeds these guys are mixed with.
  7. Looks like a Red-shouldered (I see hints of transparent crescents near the wingtips). It's not a Red-tailed because it has no dark patagial bars.
  8. It should show the date when it was taken in the photo's properties....unless the date and time is set incorrectly in your camera.
  9. Yep, a NOPA. Bluish head and wings, green back, orange mandible and toes.
  10. Thick bill, pale supraloral, and gray toes on #2 - looks better for a Hutton's Vireo.
  11. Definitely! And it's a male with that ruby crown.
  12. You are correct! And the goldfinch is an American Goldfinch.
  13. The two in the water are male Gadwall and the other is a female Mallard.
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