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  1. Agreed, adult and juvenile Cooper's Hawks.  Cooper's can be told apart from the very similar Sharp-shinned Hawk by the large, flat-topped, blocky head with small eyes toward the front, the thicker feet, the more elongated body, the light gray nape on the adults, and the thinner breast streaking on the juveniles.

  2. That is indeed a Song Sparrow.  I'm not sure if it has to due with age or nonbreeding plumage or what, but some can show a little buff color in the malar area like that.  A Lincoln's would have a contrasting blue-gray supercilium and neck and thinner, crisper streaking on buffy flanks and breast.

  3. 3 minutes ago, gstacks said:

    Are eagles the only ones with that distinctive hooked beak?

    All raptors have hooked beaks.  Eagles just have larger, more prominent beaks.

    EDIT:  Wow, hbvol50 responded at the same time with almost the same words!

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