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  1. I thought this one I took last month was really interesting. The backlighting, the hovering hummingbird, the different shades of green in the background...
  2. Great! Thanks Tony and akandula. I often end up second-guessing my Yellowlegs IDs.
  3. Are these Greater Yellowlegs? Could be the same bird, but they were seen a few hours apart.
  4. Agree with Eastern Wood-Pewee. It lacks the prominent white eyering and wingbars of a Least, and it has a larger bill and much longer primary projection than a Least.
  5. Agreed. Two males in eclipse plumage and one female.
  6. Agree with Cooper's. Also note the smaller head in proportion to the body and the wide gray and dark gray tail bands (thinner brown bands in young Red-shouldereds, thin white bands on black tail in adult RSHAs)
  7. All look good, but you'll need better photos of the warbler to rule out a hybrid.
  8. Yeah, although I often have a hard time getting good photos out of car windows because the heat coming off the car (if it is on or had been on) causes distortion.
  9. Thanks. Yeah, the bill and head looked too large for a Wood-Pewee and the throat is white.
  10. This is a Warbling Vireo. Philadelphias have darker caps and lores and yellow concentrated in the throat and undertail coverts areas.
  11. The cardinal is a molting adult male. Juvenile Northern Cardinals have dark bills. And the gray bird is indeed a Little Blue Heron.
  12. Specifically, immature European Starlings molting into adult plumage. Juveniles are brown and adults in the winter are spotted. Immatures are a mix of both.
  13. Yep, that's a normal price at Tractor Supply here. We usually wait for sales ($16) and stock up as it seems to last a long time. Sometimes Walmart has better prices, sometimes not...
  14. I've used several homemade "blinds". I've used a pop-up kids house, an outdoor table turned on its side (took photos through the umbrella hole 😆), and currently I have an old kids fort covered in a piece of carpet by my pond that I'll sit in every once in a while (a Solitary Sandpiper came really close to that one!). Anything works, really...
  15. Haha yeah...I meant that the culmen is pretty straight and the bill looks smaller than normal. Sorry for exaggerating... It IS molting, so maybe that's why it looks strange to me.
  16. "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for y'all?!" That's a Barred Owl. 😃
  17. No doubt a Solitary. Spotted Sandpipers don't have white spots on their backs.
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