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  1. Yep, that's a normal price at Tractor Supply here. We usually wait for sales ($16) and stock up as it seems to last a long time. Sometimes Walmart has better prices, sometimes not...
  2. I've used several homemade "blinds". I've used a pop-up kids house, an outdoor table turned on its side (took photos through the umbrella hole 😆), and currently I have an old kids fort covered in a piece of carpet by my pond that I'll sit in every once in a while (a Solitary Sandpiper came really close to that one!). Anything works, really...
  3. Haha yeah...I meant that the culmen is pretty straight and the bill looks smaller than normal. Sorry for exaggerating... It IS molting, so maybe that's why it looks strange to me.
  4. "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for y'all?!" That's a Barred Owl. 😃
  5. No doubt a Solitary. Spotted Sandpipers don't have white spots on their backs.
  6. Something seems wrong...What's up with the straight, tiny beak?
  7. Much too cute for a Yellow-throated! Also the lack of complete spectacles, darker cap, and smaller bill.
  8. Black and white barred wings and tail plus the orange barring on the breast is diagnostic for Red-shouldered.
  9. I think they're Lazuli Buntings...at least the one on the lower branch.
  10. That is interesting! Thanks. I wonder why that's the case. I sure wish they didn't hybridize so much over here!
  11. I agree with American Redstart for #3. #4 does look like a Golden-winged Warbler, but I don't think we can rule out Blue-winged x Golden Winged. I agree with the rest of Colton V's IDs.
  12. I agree with Blackburnian. That frowning facial expression is pretty unique.
  13. Agreed. Dark patagials + belly band = Red-tailed.
  14. The hawk is a juvenile Red-tailed with the thin dark bands on a brown tail.
  15. Yes, this is a young European Starling molting into adult plumage (adult Starlings have white speckles in the winter).
  16. Welcome to the forum! That is a domestic pigeon. Our pigeon/pet bird expert @Pigeon would be able to tell you more about it's breed, etc.
  17. Maybe a young Nashville? I believe they can have brownish heads.
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