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  1. Yes to Eastern Wood-Pewee. I think the call is from a Tufted Titmouse.
  2. Juveniles do have short tails when they leave the nest. Here is a photo I took a few days ago of a House Wren that just fledged. Your bird is a molting adult as its feathers are quite raggedy and it shows no large yellow gape flange. But I don't know if it molted its tail feathers or if it lost them another way. Anyway, it should have nice new feathers soon.
  3. Both are correct. I think you're right that the Yellowthroat is immature.
  4. Agree with Scarlet Tanager. And I would think the grayish wings would make it a female, but I'm not certain.
  5. Agreed, both photos show an Eastern Wood-Pewee...which is a type of flycatcher.
  6. I'm really not sure. Do you have any more photos? Parulas don't have streaking, so it's not that. @Bitzgirl7 If you want to find a Magnolia, look for the distinctive tail pattern. It looks like their white tails have been dipped in black paint.
  7. Welcome to the forum! I'm pretty sure there are no differences in plumage between males and females, but there are differences in size - males are larger and have longer bills. So you'll need to see a pair to see the difference. By the way, this is a Great Blue Heron. The Little Blue Heron, which looks quite a bit different, inhabits the southern U.S.
  8. The pale strip near the wingtip and medium-width bands on the tail make me think it's a young Red-shouldered.
  9. Well, not NEVER... https://www.birdzilla.com/bird-identification/id-skill-development/bird-families/egrets-herons-similar/juvenile-night-heron-comparison.html
  10. I write "Heard only" for all birds I heard and didn't see. It doesn't take long; I just copy it and paste it in the details of the species I only heard. I do this mainly because, when I am looking at other eBirders' checklists for birds I want to see, I want to know if that bird was seen (which means it was in the area) or not (which means it could have been far away). I guess we do have an advantage as we have been birding with our local eBird reviewer many times.
  11. Do you see where it says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files"? It's in the same area as the "Insert other media" button.
  12. White eyering, yellow lores, streaked "necklace" - definitely a Canada!
  13. Could this be a young Clay-colored? It just looks too tan for a Lincoln's to me.
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